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Is that this The biggest Secret Of Asgard

Notice: Spoilers for Thor, The Avengers, and [Thor: The Dark World](film:206462) comply with.
After three years and as many motion pictures, Loki has turn into a favorite character in the MCU fanbase because the guy everyone loves to hate (or hates to love, relying on who you are). Over the course of these three movies, we have now seen Thor’s adopted brother remodel as a personality. Starting because the hidden snake inside Asgard in Thor, he became everyone’s favourite villain when he showed up and almost took over the earth with the help of the Chitauri in [The Avengers](movie:9040). After returning to Asgard as a prisoner in Thor: The Darkish World, he became Thor’s unlikely ally in his try to stop Malekith from plunging the universe back into eternal darkness.

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But could Loki be hiding a large secret that has been hiding under our noses the entire time After looking reddit, I have discovered a fan concept that would very properly prove to be true when [Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858) hits theaters.

Still with me Superior, then here it’s:
Loki has a child.

Okay, so maybe that was a little bit anticlimactic, till you hear who that child is. Want to seek out out Keep studying.

Just a little Background
Within the Marvel Comics Universe, Loki (kind of) has a toddler. This child is the Asgardian goddess of Dying, who goes by the identify Hela. Technically her father is an earlier version of Loki (before he was truly called Loki), while her mom is the giantess Angrboda. She was appointed by Odin to be the keeper of the useless in Valhalla when she reached the right age. Nonetheless, as Odin’s consideration to Valhalla lessened through the years, Hela tried to take it for herself, however was unsuccessful in the try. Over the years (within the comics) she has formed many alliances with other gods and villains, and proven to be a persistent foe to Thor (much like her father, Loki). This principle will increase on the idea of Hela, and adapt it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Proof of Loki’s Past on Earth
1. Loki has many paths in and out of Asgard

To his own credit score (both in Thor and Thor: The Dark World) Loki is aware of many paths in and out of Asgard in addition to the Bifrost, ones that even the all-understanding Odin has no knowledge of. One of those portals is even utilized in Thor: The Darkish World by Thor, Jane and Loki to get to Svartalfheim, the realm of the Dark Elves. During this scene, Loki also states one thing along the traces of “If they had been straightforward, everyone would use them” (I am paraphrasing, sue me). He additionally shows far more data of different realms, including Jotunheim and even Earth (Midgard), suggesting that he has visited these realms up to now, most likely in disguise. (This is separate from Thor’s group’s visits to Earth mentioned in the first Thor, and he probably visited Earth within the more moderen previous).

2. The way he speaks
As proven by the hilarious scene pictured above, Thor displayed little to no knowledge of Earth’s culture when he was banished, and still acted like he did in Asgard. Earlier, it’s acknowledged that he had been to Earth before, however this was seemingly lots of of years ago, when the individuals of Earth would revere him as a god as long as he flashed some lightning and thunder. Loki, nonetheless, is somewhat different. From what we have seen in his scenes on Earth, Loki is far more reserved and less boisterous than Thor. Also, when he speaks, though he is extraordinarily sophisticated in his choice of phrases and speech patterns, it’s normally simpler to grasp, and his common speak sounds more like Victorian English, as opposed to Thor, whose loud speech and antics sound more like he belongs in a Viking mead hall.

Three. Loki’s familiarity with Earth
Now, one in all the most important factors of this argument. Loki is extra acquainted with many issues from Earth, and reveals a comfortability that his fellow Asgardians lack. He is aware of what Earth’s know-how is like (saying “vehicles” instead of “metal chariots” or something related). Also, every time he’s disguised on Earth, he’s all the time proven in a clean, excessive-finish go well with, displaying a minor information of Earth’s fashions and what a man of his age would be expected to put on.

The idea
Now now we have reached the principle principle. The linchpin of this idea is a single line of dialogue from Thor: The Darkish World. When Thor and Loki are touring to Svartalfheim to confront Malekith, Loki notices Thor’s concern for Jane, and comments particularly on the fragile and mortal nature of human beings.

His precise words are:
Now look fastidiously at how these words are spoken. Many viewers would simply chalk it as much as Loki trying to be cruel to Thor, however his tone is far from easy cruelty. Loki speaks from experience. He is telling Thor about shedding Jane because he himself lost somebody in some unspecified time in the future up to now.

I feel Loki was in love. Sooner or later, probably in the mid-late 1980s, Loki fell in love with an Earth lady, and had a brief yoda birthday shirt 80 affair along with her, utilizing his disguises to cover the fact that he is from Asgard. Then, the girl died, and this loss fueled Loki’s rage and further alienated him from his adoptive household (and should have even spurned his desire to seek for his true parentage, which he eventually found within the Frost Giants).

However, unbeknownst to Loki, the girl had a child earlier than she died. A toddler that was half-Midgardian, half-Asgardian. A baby which will or might not cause weird stuff to occur whenever she’s around. And that youngster is . . . (drumroll, please)

Await it . . .
Darcy Lewis

Yup, that’s proper. The ever-quirky and hilarious Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster’s assistant, is definitely the illegitimate little one of Loki and an Earth girl.

For the purposes of the proof, I’ll confer with Loki as an Asgardian, even though he’s technically a Frost Large.

In the first Thor, Thor is banished to Earth via the Bifrost, and ends up in New Mexico, smacking into the facet of Jane’s research car before being put down by Darcy’s taser. Now, one can simply chalk the placement as much as random chance (considering the Bifrost can deposit someone wherever on Earth), however what if the Bifrost itself (and even Heimdall) instinctively positioned Thor very near one other (half) Asgardian, in order to make his transition to Earth easier

Extra evidence to this could be the strange inter-dimensional actions in Thor: The Darkish World. When Jane, Darcy, and Ian arrive at the location of the unusual occurrences, together with gravitational anomalies and wormholes, Jane is quickly sucked into an unknown dimension, which additionally occurs to be right subsequent to the Aether. Another large coincidence The youngsters were enjoying with the messed-up gravity and portals for hours utterly innocuously, and solely minutes after Jane’s group exhibits up, she is sucked in. Actually, what are the percentages that, of all of the 9 Realms and lots of different places in between, Jane just so occurs to be taken right next to the place the Aether is hidden Literally astronomical. The simple reply The screenwriters are lazy. The a lot better clarification The proximity of Darcy’s Asgardian aspect activated the portal, and Jane was sucked in by mistake. Onerous to argue with the truth yoda birthday shirt 80 that bizarre issues seem to occur when Darcy is around.

So, is Darcy truly the infamous Hela, daughter of Loki Will her true nature be revealed within the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok We obviously don’t know for certain, however there is some fairly good proof to help it!

What do you think of this awesome theory Let me know within the feedback below!

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