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Diy Batman And Batgirl Costume

Saturday we celebrated Locke’s ONE MONTH birthday! (Insert massive smiles and cartwheels here.) A couple of days before the event Shan settled on a superhero theme, obviously very fitting for her tough little man. By no means one to be a occasion pooper in the participation department, I had to come armed with a couple of superheros of my very own. Wanting to keep issues simple I used clothes we already owned and a few simply purchased objects. After a couple of cuts of the scissors and plenty of hot glue we had ourselves a Batgirl and “baby” Batman. Really cute ones if you ask me.

black leotard
– black tights
– hand-me-down or goodwill retailer boots
– yellow felt
– black felt
– 1 black glitter foam sheet
– yellow spray paint
1/4″ black elastic
– hot glue gun and sizzling glue
– 1/2 yard every of 58″ performance knit (one in black, one in yellow)
– security pins or self adhesive velcro for attaching cape and logo
– headband
mask, cuff and brand templates
– cardstock and pen

Mask: Print Batgirl mask on cardstock and minimize out using scissors. Hint mask on back of foam glitter paper (be sure to use house effectively so you may minimize out logos using similar sheet) and minimize out wonder woman shirt xl 40 using scissors. Measure elastic to fit snug round head, scorching glue elastic to each finish of back of mask.

Headband: Print ear template on cardstock (identical template as cuffs) and cutout utilizing scissors. Trace ear on black felt (will want 4 ears) and lower out. Attach ears to head band (2 items each ear) utilizing sizzling glue. Minimize off access ear beneath band.

Logos: Print emblem template twice on cardstock. Reduce small and medium ovals out of one, and small and medium bats out of the other (the massive is a bonus in case you make an adult measurement). Trace ovals onto yellow felt and lower out. Trace bats onto again of glitter foam paper and lower out. Attach bats to heart of oval using scorching glue.

Belt: Minimize 2.5″ strip out of yellow felt. Measure size to fit child’s waist – leaving about a 1/2″ gap. Take 2 items of 2″ in length elastic and hot glue on ends of the inside of belt (alter so that it’s a snug fit on little one). Hot glue small logo on the middle front of belt.

Leotard: Hot glue, velcro or sew logo to heart of leotard.
Cape: Layer the two fabrics and fold in half. Cut to desired length of cape. Minimize the beneath form out of folded fabric (the purple is where you reduce – use your eyeballs, you are able to do it!):

Beginning at the bottom left, place a bowl and trace half of it on fabric. Repeat that each one the best way up purple curved line and straight purple line (not the smaller red curve and fold line). Cut the hint lines out (this makes the bat “scallop” effect). Open fabric and admire your cape! Attach to leotard using safety pins, by sewing or velcro (be sure that you use the fabric form and attach correctly).

Boots: Clean boots, cowl zipper with tape and fill with paper or plastic bags and spray outdoors evenly with yellow paint. Let dry and remove tape.

Cuffs: Print cuff template on cardstock and cut out cuff and claw using scissors. Hint onto felt (2 cuffs, 4 claws). Lower out and hot glue 2 claws collectively (claws stand out higher if layered as opposed to at least one layer of felt). Fold 1 cuff in half (how it could fit on baby) and place claw in widest opening. Hot glue claw in in addition to cuff – leaving an area at bottom massive enough for child to fit hand by means of. Repeat with second cuff.

Dress your Batgirl (tights go on first)!
“Baby” BATMAN:

You will need:
– gray onesie
– grey tights
– black diaper cover
– black felt
– yellow felt
– 1/4″ black elastic
– 1 sheet black glitter foam paper
– black efficiency knit for cape (I used scrap from Jettie’s cape)

Mask, Log and Belt: Identical as above costume except mask was made out of felt (help keep away from wonder woman shirt xl 40 glitter all over child) and no brand on belt (belt is just 1″ in width).

Cape: Simply lower a rectangle out of fabric to measurement and pin, velcro or sew onto onesie.
Bat your child up!

I know what you might be thinking….”It have to be nice that she already has her kids Halloween costumes accomplished.” And of course I could very nicely send these youngsters on their merry trick-or-treating approach in these ensembles. But that wouldn’t be me…(and we already have a Rammel/Maxey group costume deliberate that I am very very enthusiastic about.) These would nonetheless make fabulous last minute DIY costumes in your little ones! You can even alter for grownup DC_Comics variations. Largely have fun with it and don’t take any of the main points too completely or seriously. It is a costume after all – nothing but enjoyable should be had in the creating of it.

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