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Who Would Win Within the Hulk Vs Marvel Lady From The DC Extended Universe

Who would win in the Hulk vs Marvel Girl from the DC Prolonged Universe
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Hulk primarily based on his feats. He’s stronger than Wonder Lady has been shown to be to this point. She’s possible sooner but would nonetheless be hurt if she obtained hit. And his healing factor makes taking him down very difficult.

Marvel Woman has weapons that can hurt him, and is likely the higher fighter but Hulk is relentless. Her battle with Doomsday says she’ll put up an wonder woman batgirl supergirl shirt amazing combat however based mostly on what’s been shown so far, Hulk would take the majority.

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I believe in such sceneries we frequently overlook that there is a much powerful superior being present. THE Writer and I wonder woman batgirl supergirl shirt am not being the buzzkill that I typically am 🙂 Give it some thought. There powers are outlined limited prolonged based on the thought process of the author. Its just not worth the hassle to match fictional characters. Cheers!!!

Are you kidding me Hulk is probably the most powerful non-cosmic entity. He may even go toe to toe with superman. Whereas there are numerous characters far more powerful than surprise woman.
Marvel woman will land some arduous punches on hulk at his primary form. But this will only make him extra indignant. And shortly, he would flip into world breaker hulk, the strongest type of hulk. And wonder girl really will not need to mess with WB Hulk.

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