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Person Blog:Cfp3157/Season three Episode 8: Azrael Vs. Moon Knight

In the traditional clash of Marvel towards DC, it is a battle of some of probably the most brutal heroes of their respective universe. Azrael, the previous Batman who works now because the deliverer of righteous cruelty and the archangel of God. He has confirmed that he is an effective ally to Batman and a deadly foe, however will the Blades of Vengeance fall to the mantle of Khonshu the justice bringer Moon Knight, the warrior of Khonshu who fights crime to redeem his previous as a mercenary and killer. When these two warriors meet, neither will give in and the fight is not going to finish until one is crowned….

Jean-Paul Valley was a standard pupil at Gotham College when his father stumbled into his dorm dying. After his father’s loss of life, Jean-Paul travelled to an historic mountain vary and discovered he had gone by means of experiments as a toddler that increased his bodily attributes to a superhuman degree. Azrael is an on-once more, off-again member of the Bat Family, and has even taken the mantle of Batman when Bane broke his again. Azrael is a brutal fighter, and is not going to hesitate to kill.

Flaming Arm Blades: Azrael’s most important weapon, these two blades cannot only mild on fireplace, however be launched as well. Azrael wields these blades with excessive skill, and the blades are very versatile.
Flaming Sword: One other common weapon of Azrael is a longsword that may be lit on hearth. Azrael is a capable swordsman, able to combating Deathstroke.
Flamethrower: Azrael’s arm blades even have built in flamethrowers, and he can spray bursting scorching flames in a large spray.
Kevlar Body Armor: Azrael wears a suit that’s fireproof and bulletproof. The go well with is durable to all sorts of damage, and can also be Azrael’s supply of energy.

Abilities & Powers:
Superhuman Physiology: The System has increased all bodily elements of Azrael to above that of a traditional human. Azrael is able to lifting 600 pounds with one hand, and 1200 with two. His reflexes allowed him once to catch a thrown dagger at him with ease. Likewise, his velocity and durability have been enhanced to past that of a normal human.
Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While not on the extent of Batman, Azrael is a talented combatant in hand-to-hand fight and is capable of taking on most threats. Batman has even said that, with out his mental sickness, he may even greatest him.
Skilled Acrobat: Azrael is a talented acrobat, moving by means of the city terrain of Gotham with ease.
Enhanced Senses: Azrael’s sight, listening to, and many others. have been increased past that of a normal human.
Swordsmanship: Azrael is a particularly expert swordsman, and is able to taking on others similar to Deathstroke.
Detective Abilities: Resulting from his coaching under Batman, Azrael has obtained some mild skill in detective and logical reasoning strategies.

Azrael’s armor can hold up to small arms hearth
Azrael attacks Deathstroke together with his flaming sword
Azrael’s has amazing response time
SO…..A lot…..Fireplace!!!
Azrael unleashes his signature weapons; His arm daggers. They also have hearth.
Azrael is skilled sufficient to take on Batman
Azrael takes on Nightwing
Azrael bests Bane as Batman

Marc Spector was a mercenary who was on a job in Egypt when his superiors betrayed him and left him for lifeless. A cult of followers of the Egyptian god Khonshu deliver him back to their temple. Marc is advised by the god in a vision to be his avatar on Earth in trade for his life. After defeating his former contractor, he returned to New York where he determined to develop into a costumed crime fighter. Since then, Marc has created four totally different personalities, which has brought about his sanity to plungee lower than the common hero. Having served in both the CIA and the Marines, Moon Knight is both extremely educated and skilled.

Weapons & Tools:
Crescent Darts: These symmetrical throwing blades operate as each Moon Knight’s calling card and his major distance weapons. He will likely be geared up with a dozen with him during this combat.
Truncheon: Moon Knight’s primary weapon, this ingenious gadget capabilities with three modes: a easy membership, nuchaku, and as a grappling hook. This truncheon can be made longer, about eight ft. This membership is made from stainless steel and will be thrown or used for blunt trauma.
Crescent Dart Pistols: Moon Knight carries two pistols that launch crescent darts to pin foes to partitions, used like grappling guns, or journey his enemies. They have sufficient energy to send a man to a wall and keep him there.
Energy Shield: Moon Knight’s ally has built him a shield made from energy capable of blocking high quantities of concentrated heat, like Rely Nefaria’s lasers.
Silver Cestus: On his first mission to capture Jack Russell, Moon Knight wore two silver cesti on his arms.
Glider Cloak: Since he can’t fly, Moon Knight makes use of his cape to slow his descent. To a slight extent he may even steer his fall.
Carbonadium Armored Vestment: Moon Knight wears a costume that’s white batman shirt day almost as robust as white batman shirt day Adamantium, merely extra flexible. The fits features are the next: Crescent Dart launchers in his wrist, Crescent Cable line used for swinging or grappling, jump jets, and a laser chopping torch.

Weapon Master: Moon Knight is a grasp of nearly each type of weapon known to man, ranging from swords, sticks, chains, and projectiles.
Professional Marksman: Moon Knight is capable of throwing all forms of projectiles throughout nice distances with pinpoint accuracy and can also be a wonderful sharpshooter.
Grasp Martial Artist: Moon Knight is a former heavy-weight boxer and has been trained throughout his time within the CIA, Marines, etc. He has mastered a number of martial art types like Savate, Judo, Boxing, and Kung Fu. His knowledge in hand-to-hand combat means he is aware of several stress points within the human body, and might use this to stun or even incapacitate his foe immediately. On multiple occassion he has fought the Punisher, an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, to a standstill.
Expert Detective: Moon Knight is an efficient detective with broad data and understanding of the criminal underworld.
Peak Human Situation: Moon Knight’s situation is at the level of the very best a man his age can probably be. Moon Knight is able to lifting 450 pounds, and is a excellent acrobat and gymnast.

Moon Knight’s vitality shield in use
Moon Knight battles Jack Russel
Moon Knight is quick sufficient to dodge automatic fire
Final Moon Knight stands over Spider-Man together with his bo and crescent darts
Moon Knight battles Deadpool
Moon Knight beats a criminal together with his nunchuk truncheon
Moon Knight displays his expertise in unarmed fight
Moon Knight throws several crescent darts

Battle ends July 9th, 2013.
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