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Barbara Gordon (Zero Hour)

This model of Batgirl was a Barbara Gordon from an alternate timeline who appeared during Zero Hour.[1] The Barbara Gordon of the common timeline had become Oracle after being crippled by the Joker.[2] In this one’s historical past, her father had as an alternative been murdered that night time, and she had continued her profession as Batgirl… ultimately pursuing a profitable romantic and sexual relationship with Batman. Harvey Dent had grow to be the Police Commissioner, and the Batman Family was constantly white avengers t shirt lyrics below fire from the authorities. She was additionally shocked to see the newer Robin, Tim Drake. Confused and displaced from her personal world, she helped out as greatest as she could throughout the Disaster in Gotham City.[3] Her house timeline was eventually destroyed.[4] At first she seemed seduced by Parallax’s plans to recreate the universe, which might give her back her own world… however she rapidly realized that his methods had been horribly wrong. Inexperienced Arrow explained how absolutely the energy white avengers t shirt lyrics had corrupted Parallax’s soul. Ultimately, Batgirl gave her life in the fight by diving in entrance of an vitality blast to avoid wasting Injury, their last likelihood at hope to recreate the large Bang.[5] Though in the brand new universe it was as if she had by no means existed, Batgirl died a real hero saving all of existence.

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