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Prologue: The Battle Of Kalinga

He could see them working towards him; an military, a hundred thousand men sturdy. He might feel the vibrating earth beneath his feet, he might odor the mud being created by their stomping, and he might foretell the spillage of blood that may soak the land red when his military would collide together with his enemy’s. He regarded to the commander standing to his right, who blew a gigantic horn, marking the graduation of the battle.

Three thousand offended war-elephants, who have been barely able to manage their madness, burst with fury as they heard the horn. And he had a smile on his face, as he noticed his magnificent beasts cost with fervor towards his enemy. “I will win this war for you, grandfather”, he spoke to himself. “And I will discover the greatest treasure that the human eyes have ever seen”.

“My king!” his commander interrupted, drawing him out of his thoughts. “We are right here at last”, he continued as he drew out his sword and waited for the enemy.

“Yes my buddy!” the king replied. “Here we are. And right here begins the greatest battle in the historical past of mankind”. He drew out his own sword; the heavy blade gleaming in the light of the morning sun. “Satyameva Jayate!” he yelled at the top of his voice, as his huge military repeated their battle cry and ran forward, following his lead.

The stage was set. The curtain to the bloodiest battle within the history was about to be lifted. And it would go on to be a battle that may influence thousands and thousands of people, for a thousand years to come.

The battle-elephants were the first to satisfy the enemy; their would possibly enough to interrupt the enemy formations. The mad beasts trumpeted laborious and stomped even more durable, as they squabbled with the other military. Ruckus and chaos ensued as elephant after elephant tore additional into the enemy lines, crushing their chariots and breaking their bones. They ran as hard as they could and brought on the most influence that a herd of mad animals can, taking down where can i find a wonder woman shirt 2017 at least a thousand in an instant and creating more fatalities as they moved forward. The men within the front lines, who were fortunate enough to outlive the assault from the warring elephants, have been met by an even mightier force— iron. The cost led by the king was scarier than that of the trunk-bearing beasts, its effectiveness unmatched by any ground fight drive on the planet.

The foot soldiers met their scared enemies with vigor, as they confirmed no mercy and received to the business as quickly as they may. Steel clashed with steel, cries of agony and shrieks of horror emanated from the land close to the Daya River, and the pungent scent of blood reeked the morning air. The enemy soldiers, whose battle formations had been already damaged, met the blades of the disciplined military of the king, who himself led the charge to the first and what would show to be the only battle in his lifetime.

He sported his blade horizontally as he made the first impression, his sword piercing the center of an unlucky soldier and passing by way of to the opposite side. He pulled it out immediately and turned around to smack it diagonally on the face of an oncoming soldier, disfiguring and killing him the exact same moment. He strode further forward because the tip of his sword punctured the eyeball of another soldier and turned around to deliver his sword with would possibly, cleanly swiping off the arm of a soldier attacking at him from behind. He took a quick pause to wipe off the thick layer of blood accumulating on his beard before selecting up another sword of a fallen soldier and moving ahead, wreaking havoc with both his hands this time. His other hand moved with equal precision as he went forward to perform the surgical procedure. His attacks had been more a work of artwork than haphazard chaos, where can i find a wonder woman shirt 2017 his kills exact amidst the carnage happening in that hell hole. He juggled with a number of weapons, choosing up the spears and shields of his fallen males whereas continuing to move forward. His military pushed hard, and emulating the energy of their king, they labored their way alongside the banks of Daya River like a nicely-oiled machine, killing their enemy, stomping on the useless ones and repeating the swimsuit.

Inside a number of hours, 1000’s have been dead. The silent waters of the river bled purple. The carnage wreaked by the struggle elephants was only intensified many folds by the walking military of the king. Loss of life, was all that marked the place.

The king smiled somewhat as he heard the enemy horns go off nicely earlier than the sunset, just as he had anticipated. The sound of retreat!

His enemies withered like a hive of bees struck by a stone. They have been combating aimlessly, and now they retreated aimlessly. Their bravery had betrayed them, their numbers had defeated them. They usually ran again to battle one other day.

The commander got here panting by the side of his king. “How was your day, my king ” he requested with a smile.

“A bloody good one”, he replied as he came atop a low hill and watched his enemy forces run away for their lives.

“Your grandfather could be proud”.
“I nonetheless have a long method to go to match the might of my grandfather.”

“But Kalinga will know at the moment that a brand new age has begun. The Age of Ashoka”.
Ashoka smiled just a little as he wiped off the blood from his face and seemed up at the blazing solar in the clear sky.

The Age of Ashoka! He muttered in his head, glad by the sound of it.

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