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Smallville Supervillain List

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Fashion Cotton Design Hawkeye Children's T-shirtSmallville Past DC Actor Guest Appearances
Smallville made an effort to cast actors from previous movies and tv shows based on DC Superheroes. The next is a list of actors who were in a position to affix the Smallville group in bringing their vision of Superman to life.
Smallville Superheroes

Smallville Superhero Record
Smallville was stuffed with characters from the DC Universe. vintage star wars tee shirts uk Here is a listing of superheroes whom made an appearance throughout Smallville’s 10 yr run and joined Clark Kent on his journey to turning into Superman.

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sendingCedric Yong thirteen months in the past from Singapore
This is a good recap!

Smallville was a really valiant try and seize the Superman stories. Too bad the consequences weren’t fairly up-to-normal yet at that time, or reasonably priced. Further made worse by the television episode format. Still, it was a memorable watch.

denise 2 years ago
incorrect spellings..

1. LEX LUTHOR, not Lex Luther
2. AMANDA WALLER, not Amanda Walker

AuthorGeekdom 4 years ago
The Martian Manhunter. He has been watching over Clark for a really very long time however solely showed himself after the phantoms escaped the phantom zone.

Smurf four years ago
Does anybody know who flew down and saved Clark Kent from getting his back broken by the dude that was consuming peoples insides

Enjoy! It is a fun run.
Jared Lowry 5 years in the past from Arkansas

I’m nonetheless watching outdated episodes I have not seen them all. I’ve seen rather a lot although. I do have to say it is probably the greatest superhero exhibits ever in my view.

Nice to find a fellow Smallville fan. We shall elevate our heads high.
I feel that is when the show really started to grow. Once they launched Bizarro, they actually stepped up the sport. It wasn’t the very best show out there, but I used to be at all times entertained.

AuthorGeekdom 5 years ago
Men’s Cotton Wolverine Insignia Short Sleeve T ShirtsThanks. Yea, the present had plenty of flaws nevertheless it was my guilty pleasure. I at all times felt that when they killed off Johnathan Kent the show took on it’s personal mythology and so they grew to become more liberal with who they brought in from the DC Universe.

David Luzader 5 years ago from Phoenix
Nice recap. I always thought it was humorous that Clark faced his biggest villains earlier than even getting on the cape in the present.

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