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Darkseid (Dawn Of Injustice)

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Darkseid is a playable character in DC Superheroes: Daybreak of Injustice. He is a power consumer and is voiced by Kevin Grevioux. He was revealed within the second story trailer.He is the god,lord,ruler and dictator of apokolips-later the fourth to the one billion billion world

Darkseid can throw his Omega Ax at his opponent, which continues to burn them for a short time after it disappears.

Darkseid blasts his opponent with Omega Beams, which teleports them to a separate realm where Darkseid telekineticaly crushes their inside and has Parademons fly by means vintage avengers t shirt 2016 of and scratch them up. He then opens a increase tube and punches them through it, beating them up till they return to the arena.

Intro: A boom tube opens up and Darkseid walks out wanting highly effective, prepared for the battle.
Outro: vintage avengers t shirt 2016 Darkseid blasts his opponent with Omega Beams, which disintegrates them. He then roars powerfully as growth tubes start to open everywhere in the enviornment and Parademons fly via as Darkseid stands triumphantly along with his arms behind his back.

The heroes had been pitiful to believe that they may ever defeat Darkseid. Utilizing the powers of a Motherbox and the Apokolips Hypercube, Darkseid transformed Earth into a planet of fireplace, creating his second vintage avengers t shirt 2016 kingdom, but he did not stop there. Uninterested in his military, Darkseid converted the heroes of the Justice League into his new lieutenants and turned them towards his former troopers, declaring that the last army standing would serve him for eternity.

Darkseid’s Regime Costume
New 52 (DLC)

Kevin Grevioux has by no means previously voiced Darkseid earlier than.
When the “Intro/Outro Swap” function is active, Darkseid swaps with Gorilla Grodd.

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