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Eleven Characters That Needs to be In the MCU

Since 2008, we’ve got seen a number of Marvel character embrace the small and massive display screen. With a number of shows and ever extra movies on the way in which, I cannot assist to surprise when another standard characters will finally be introduced. With characters like Ghost Rider being launched in “Brokers of SHIELD” (AOS), there appears to be countless prospects for both the exhibits and the movies.

1. Yelena Belova
She’s not a well-liked character, however she’s e the perfect antagonist for a Black Widow movie. Born from the same program as Natasha Romanoff, she first appeared in the Inhuman sequence. I had thought that she would have been revealed to have been Dottie Underwood’s precise persona in “Agent Carter”, however that was not the case. Nonetheless, her inclusion into the MCU would give approach to some first rate plot traces.

2. Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan
Of the Marvel titles, at present being published, hers in the one one which I actively subscribe to. As a excessive schooler in New Jersey, she navigates being a teenager, religious, and a superhero. I have laugh and cried over this series. She is also Muslim, an side that Marvel does not seem to be shy about. Whereas “Captain Marvel” is not due to be launched soon, that does not imply that we could not get a mention of her in AOS. She is an Inhuman in spite of everything.

Three. Kate Bishop
I named my second automobile after her. Humorous, witty, and downright gutsy, I like her with all my coronary heart. Kate is the second Hawkeye, however she I just nearly as good, if not a little bit bit higher than the first. Whereas the Young Avengers might not occur anytime soon with the just one to be seen on screen trek tshirts being a kid (Cassie Lang), one can nonetheless dream. I’d be willing to forgo a Younger Avengers movie/present if I meant we might see the sassy like of the youthful.

Four. Miles Morales
Whereas I’ve solely read of him in a few comics personally, he’s a bit overdue for an introduction particularly with the big push for variety. He’s a Bendis creation from a alternate universe, however with “Doctor Strange”, they’ve opened up the potential of exploring that.

5. America Chavez
She’s feisty and nice and was one of the better elements of the newer Younger Avengers sequence. She now has personal solo series besides. If you’ve learn her character in the comics, then perhaps you’d get it.

6. Angela
Since the release of the primary Thor: Ragnorak trailer, I’ve been wishing to see this Men’s Your King Aquaman Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt character. She is visually beautiful on paper, but also interesting to read. She’s the misplaced daughter of Freya and Odin, sister to Thor, who was raised by the Angels. She is the presently ruler of Hel for the time being.

7. Namor
One of many oldest Marvel characters, having been round because the late thirties. He has been each a villain and a hero throughout comic history. I am truthfully surprised that Marvel has not thrown in lots of Easter eggs, particularly in the Captain America films. He’s a strong character and one ought to not less than merit a point out.

Eight. Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine
That is a personality who shouldn’t be extraordinarily popular, however is a reputation that some folks will recognize. She is an agent of SHIELD who has been romantically tied to Nick Fury and is also a buddy of Sharon Carter, Agent 13. For years, I’ve been dying for more canon Marvel characters to make their debut on AOS, however it’s been happening very slowly.

9. Jennifer Walters/She Hulk
I just plain and simple love this character. She is widespread and has appeared within the cartoon reveals, however there is no hint of her in the reside-motion world. Granted, she her origins can be exhausting to work into the MCU, but not not possible.

10. Roz Solomon
She is a more recent character debuting in the Jason Aaron run of Thor. She’s an environmental agent within the comics, but she wouldn’t be arduous to insert into AOS. Positive, there has already been a personality named Rosalind on the present, but connecting the show to trek tshirts the comics is something that show needs extra of. Of the characters they have introduced, they have tended to be each older and newer characters.

11. Jessica Drew
She’s had a long and storied past, intertwined with each HYDRA and SHIELD, which would make her an excellent fit for AOS. She did featured in “Alias”, the comic that launched Jessica Jones, but her historical past would not work in the street-stage universe that has been constructed in the Netflix reveals.

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