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Avengers Cologne Set: Aromas, Assemble!

Just because comic e book geeks love characters who wear underpants on the surface doesn’t mean they don’t know a thing about grooming or smelling great. Doesn’t imply they’re gullible to money-ins both, however I’m certain JADS International, makers of the Avengers Cologne set, already did their research.

Men's Desgin Avengers Iron Fist Short Sleeve T-ShirtAs you possibly can see, four of the six Avengers featured in the upcoming movie have their very own scent – Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. Hawkeye and Black Widow probably don’t have their very own cologne as a result of they wish to be sneaky and so that they don’t wish to have a particular scent. I haven’t any logical alibi for the Hulk cologne, or for these Nick Fury and Loki perfumes.

Inform Jarvis to warm up the Quinjet and head to Urban Collector to pre-order these colognes. The primary 4 come as a set and might be yours for $forty seven (USD), while the Nick Fury and Loki colognes price $32 each. Men’s Custom Winter Soldier and Black Panther Short Sleeve T Shirts Or you will get one thing that works every time, 60% of the time.

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