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‘Iron Man three’ Trailer: Some Thoughts On The Darkish Tony Stark (VIDEO)

Men's teen titans drawing Desgin Long Sleeve T-ShirtThe new “Iron Man three” trailer is dark. Not simply dark as a result of Iron Man’s house explodes and his girlfriend will get tortured, but really the flash t shirt at walmart job dark. This one seems prefer it rivals “The Superb Spider-Man” for evening scenes and actual darkness. (Can’t await the 3D version.)

As noted by Vulture, a darkish Iron Man film isn’t essentially what fans signed up for: The first Iron Man movie was an anti-Batman, with Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau treating their comic e book adaptation like a comic guide. “Iron the flash t shirt at walmart job Man” was the definition of breezy — loaded with one-liners and ad-libs that transcended most superhero films. Even the ending is a wink: Stark as Iron Man telling the world that he is Iron Man.

That crispness prolonged to the second movie as properly — Sam Rockwell, holla — though with diminishing returns. “Iron Man 2” was sort of a multitude, in spite of everything, redeemed by nothing but large box-office returns and the appearance of Downey in “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Stark’s disdain for the superhero supergroup, after which the ultimate self-sacrifice he performs to avoid wasting them and the world, was certainly one of most affecting arcs in “The Avengers” plot.

Which brings us to “Iron Man 3”: It takes place after the events in “Marvel’s The Avengers” and features a modified Tony Stark. How can he return to his reality-based mostly world of devices and fun — neglect Jason Bourne; Tony Stark is the closest thing we must an American James Bond — when Loki unleashed a gaggle of Chitauri warriors on an unsuspecting Manhattan prefer it was the tip of a Michael Bay movie Properly, he cannot — and even if may, it wouldn’t matter. Men’s Cortoon Captain America Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts As talked about, the trailer reveals Stark systematically shedding all the things. There’s even a shot of Blissful Hogan (Favreau, returning to the position despite not directing “Iron Man 3”) lying in a pile of rubble. Will Comfortable die At the very least, he won’t be too happy with the mess caused by The Mandarin. (Pause right here for some LOLz about Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin voice, which isn’t as unhealthy as Tom Hardy’s Bane voice but nonetheless sounds pretty ridiculous. He is like an indignant Muppet.)

So, is that this heavier “Iron Man” going to work Sure. Three reasons why:
1. Not less than there are some stakes …
Quick, identify what was at stake in “Iron Man 2.” Oh, right: You can’t.

2. … and they do not involve saving the world.
The fastest solution to make a superhero film really feel like a superhero film Create some MacGuffin that’s outsize with the rest of the story (see the nuclear doohickies from “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Marvel’s The Avengers”). “Iron Man” labored best when it is about Iron Man and his state of affairs. Giving the principle character a revenge plot to put some stress on his personal demons, as it seems occurs in “Iron man three,” is the precise right factor to do with a franchise that dangers losing its lead to a different collection altogether.

3. It in all probability won’t be that heavy.
When Marvel unveiled footage from “Iron Man 3” at Comic-Con, it was of the hahaha-variety: Joyful speaking about the “Super Buddies,” Stark doing Stark-y things. Just because the trailer is dark, doesn’t mean the movie shall be. It’s Downey; the man would not do darkish and brooding. He leaves that to Christian Bale.

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