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Is Superman Stronger Than Shazam

Technically he shouldnt be.

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I’ve seen people say that with the help of one or 2 different super heros that Superman was ready to tug the earth. However that is removed from C.M.’s accomplishment. And I’m not speaking about his energy of Hercules and the massive H holding up the heavens. No. in one in all his earlier comedian guide adventures he was capable of single handedly capable of push a titanic dead star into the path of a meteor shower that would have tee shirt star wars zara mowed down planets and smaller stars.

“When its nuclear gasoline is exhausted gravity will then trigger the Solar to shrink all the way down to about the size of the Earth itself but with a density so high that a teaspoon worth of this star would have a mass of almost 15 tons.”

Excerpt from the hyperlink under. This was a lifeless star bigger than our personal sun” Acomplishment on a super, Superman degree there. Beat that Man of Steel. And I’ve one offs where Superman was written with powers that would let him topple any being in existance or the injustice sequence where everyone seems to be underpowered and Superman is over powered. This comedian is from his original comics. Earlier than the Superman/Captain Marvel clash and overpowering of Superman.”

Useless star demolishes planet – providing a glimpse into how the Earth may end its days
In pulling the moon once and the earth twice that I do know of, Superman needed assist. Superman Wonder Woman and a Inexperienced Lantern once pulled the moon.

A Green Lantern and Superman pulled the earth as soon as and another time it was Superman, Martian Manhunter and Surprise Lady. Yet once he held a black hole in his hand. Make no sense that he could do this however needs help to drag a planet or moon. So I must low cost the singular act over the a number of feats of energy.

Also Marvel Girl and Superman as soon as held up Eternity. Despite the fact that Hercules held up all the heavens folks say there isn’t a approach to know what the heavens weigh, so that energy level for Captain Marvel/Shazam cannot be counted. the same can be said for Eternity. The difference is, eternity is a amount of time (Unless I’m completely flawed and just don’t get it) and time additionally exists WHITHIN the heavens, which in essence might mean that this is also something that Hercules held up on his personal with no assist and this is the power stage that Captain Marvel possesses.

So on a feat of shear strength alone, in a number of story lines Superman wanted help pulling the earth and the moon the place as Captain Marvel/Shazam was able to push (and pushing something is more durable than pulling it) a TITANIC dead star with a mass weight of 15 tons for a single teaspoon dimension. And a useless star such as our sun would solely be roughly the scale of the earth.

SOOOO, Arguent solved. Captain Marvel/Shazam as significantly stronger, sooner and extra powerful that Superman.

Annnnddd for those that want to discuss range weapons of Superman, his heat imaginative and prescient and ice breath…. It has been shown that a Marvel endowed character has had cold breath as nicely. So it reasons to stand that C.M. could even have this as nicely. But to think that somewhat ice will stop him is foolish. And superman’s heat vision is barely 5,000 kelvins, the sun is 6,000. Lightning then again isn’t any lower than 30,000 kelvins. This is what Captain Marvel calls down and strikes his entire physique to transform him, what he can manipulate and use, to include projecting it from his palms and surrounding his fingers in it tee shirt star wars zara to punch with. Soooo, argument invalid. And his age. Nicely, I would say that except each Captain marvel story exists solely in Billy’s eleventh year, than he needs to be fairly older and extra experienced by now. Especially since as I have mentioned, he’s a avenue good and street wise kid. No slouch.

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