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Aquaman is an Atlantean superhero, the ruler of Atlantis, and a member of the Justice League.
Men's Custom flash superhero clipart Short Sleeve T-ShirtAquaman is matched with Starfire.

Aquaman was chosen by Cyborg’s Love Matcher 5000 as the proper match for Starfire which angered Robin. Whereas she was initially hesitant in believing a machine, Starfire gained an attraction to him after reading his comedian books. Robin attempted to impersonate Aquaman to be able to impress Starfire, however each try scared her and freaked out Cyborg. Throughout Beast Boy and Raven’s wedding ceremony, Aquaman and Starfire attended as a couple and sat next to each other, much to Robin’s dismay. Nonetheless, Starfire dumped him to pursue a relationship with a scratching submit after the Love Matcher 5000 paired her with one, leaving him lowered to tears alongside Robin.[3]

Teen Titans Go! comedian collection
Aquaman was among the various superheroes who had been prank-referred to as by Beast Boy and Cyborg.[Four]

Teen Titans Go!
112b. “Matched” (no traces)
223b. “Nean” (cameo, no lines)
308b. “Black Friday” (cameo, no traces)

Teen Titans Go! comedian e book collection
– Iss. #9. “Prank’d!”

Aquaman is the second Justice League member to appear on the series, after Batman.
Aquaman has his personal comedian e-book collection.[3]
A poster of Aquaman can be seen on the wall of the Titans Tower laundry room.[5]
Aquaman appears alongside commercials to visit Atlantis[6] or enroll in swim lessons[2] on DCUbook. He also seems riding a dolphin on the signal of the Style Fishy clothes retailer.[7]
Aquaman’s skeletal stays appeared underneath the Pacific Ocean when Aqualad summoned shrimp to hid assist.[Eight]
Aquaman sponsors a cereal named Squid Puffs, opposite of Batman’s Bat-O’s.[9]

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