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The Infinitus Saga continues because the Justice League United fight alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes against the form-shifter Byth to determine the fate t shirt superman baby zip of the younger alien Ultra who might grow up to destroy the 31st century. The JLU and Legion of Super-Heroes travelled to the Moon of Ryngor within the Polaris System where Byth captured and gained management over Ultra. The innocent t shirt superman baby zip alien was compelled to open a rift in area, unleashing a fearsome army of Wraths. Now as Byth and his allies, Black Mass, and the newly resurrected Hawkman – who can be t shirt superman baby zip below Byth’s influence – escaped with Ultra, the JLU and the Legion must find a strategy to stop Byth from taking Extremely into the rift and save the universe because the Wrath’s advance into inhabited space.

Justice League United #7 sees this time-warping intergalactic workforce-up between the Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes actually hitting its stride, as writer Jeff Lemire pulls out all the stops for this third part of The Chewbacca Infinitus Saga. Now the initial variations and misunderstandings between the JLU and Legion of Super-Heroes has been resolved, the battle in opposition to Byth steps up a gear as their forces unite in opposition to the shape-shifter.

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