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Obtained The Itch, Poison Ivy, Sizzling Tub, What

Acquired the Itch, poison ivy, sizzling tub, what
Okay so 5 weeks in the past I was at a home within the countryside (I am from Canada), I went on an atv by way of the bushes carrying shorts and sandals. Anywho I had a few bug bites that evening and over the following week I used to be scratching my leg without noticing it. I had two small scabs and about an inch or two of redness around them. i figured it was just a foul bug chew.

Men's Custom tt robin Short Sleeve Tee Shirt3 weeks in the past I went to a cottage that had a scorching tub. I dont remember the chemicals we put apart from Bromine tablets sticks to mind. Anyways, I used to be going in the new tub for four days, each day my legs began getting itchier and itchier, I was dumb not to consider the correlation to the recent tub, I assumed it was poison ivy. Anyways principally my total right leg from the knee down had these little raised puffs of skin with giant areas of pink around it, it was insanely itchy. my left leg had a small spot but not as bad. I put loads of anti itch cream on it for the remainder of the week and it largely helped, with period of itchyness.

Per week later the red spots type of changed into dry skin, almost like skin peeling on the underside of ur toes. The itching was still there however wasnt constant, simply large bouts of scratching. I’ve never had scratching feel so good in my life.

I thought it might all go away but here I’m scratching at present. Theres nearly no marks on my legs anymore but the itch, when it starts doesnt go away for a long time. Also my belly is now itchy with completely no marks on it.

What could this be I’m travelling overseas now and its bugging me, its not all the time however when i itch its a must scratch and just makes it worse.

Please assist, I hope it goes away soon. Superman As for allergies, I only have ragweed but I t shirt flash queen am pretty positive this is unrelated.

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