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That Was Based On A Comic E-book

What about Kickass
I didn’t like Sin City once i first noticed it, nevertheless it grows on you.

6) Good transfer, however it’s a paranoid leftist fantasy.

Change 3 or four issues and it could be a paranoid proper-wing fantasy. But in fact it’s neither. It’s a wholly sober authoritarian fantasy 😉

@Robert Enders
Just like Benedict Cumberbatch’s t shirt avengers bruce lee Khan made no point out of the 20th Century Eugenics Wars.

I believed it was attention-grabbing that they went with a section 31 reference. Sure, it’s been a consistent background aspect in TNG, DS9 and Enterprise, however since it’s inclusion postdates the writing of TOS, I was stunned to see it.

10. Highway to Perdition

That was based mostly on a comedian book I love that film!
@Shelley Adrienne Mimi Belsky

One word “Daredevil”.
Plenty of promise. Good casting. Crappy script.

Joe H.
Out of curiosity, why Blade II over Blade (Notice that I’m not asking about Blade III.)

Blade was superior. Blade II sucked. By no means saw Wesley Snipes Tax Assist Blade III

Whereas its a great superhero film, The Increadibles wasn’t based mostly on a comic guide.
That’s okay, Iron Man 3 was the same plot and it was based mostly on a comic ebook.

I want the primary X-Men film got extra love.

I agree. I believe a lot of people overlook that it was that film that made superhero flicks worthwhile again.

3. Batman Returns.

The Keaton Batman films had the same downside as the Reeve Superman. The primary one was better written, however the second one aced the villain scorecard. The Joker wasn’t badly written, but Jack Nicholson performed Jack Nicholson, not the Joker. Not that he can play anything.

5. Captain America (2011).
Surprisingly good, however not #5 material. Perhaps #10.

6. Superman 2. Kneel earlier than Zod! Terence Stamp is a implausible actor.
The original 1978 Superman would have been perfect if Gene Hackman hadn’t played Lex Luthor as some sort of incompetent clown. Superman 2 wasn’t as properly written, however had a much better primary antagonist.

8. HELLBOY!!!!!!! He’s cool.
I’ll never perceive the appeal of that movie.

10. Iron Man 2.
No. Just…no. All the suck of the Iron Man trilogy was crammed into that one film.

Ira Nayman
I have at all times been partial to Thriller Men. Sadly, it was a small cult comic that made for a small cult movie, nevertheless it was a wonderful adaptation.

The source was as terrible as the film

And, the encircling film utterly apart, Clooney continues to be my favourite Bruce Wayne (as opposed to Batman).

Since Bruce Wayne is the superficial facade Batman puts on for public consumption, I can go along with that. The truth is, there is only one actor that nailed Batman, Kevin Conroy. Keaton wasn’t bad, however Christian Bale did better, IMO. Keaton received the brooding down, however not the psychotic driveness, and that’s what makes Batman compelling, he’s, in his own manner, as far off the deep finish as the Joker.

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