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To maintain The Super Powers Aesthetic

The following besides is taken from Toy Otter’s Tremendous Powers Discover: Bizarro has lengthy been considered one of Superman’s most popular villains, and as such was a natural to point out up in the Tremendous Powers Collection. Rumored to be part of the 4th collection, Bizarro was one of many few superman shield t shirt jacket rumors superman shield t shirt jacket which have turned out to be true! Though there are a number of logical repaints in these final series, Bizarro almost definitely would have been a new sculpt to mirror his fragmented look as shown within the concept art (as seen at Toy Otter’s Super POWERS discover).

To create the Bizarro custom, I started by removing the limbs from a super Powers Superman figure. Bizarro’s arms and legs come from an early Toy Biz Iceman figure, which gives him and applicable blocky look. It also helps add only a hint of top to him. To keep up the Super Powers aesthetic, I then glued the elbow joints in place and covered them over with Magic Sculpt. The headsculpt truly comes from a G.I. Joe Excessive Lt. Stone figure my dad and mom discovered at a garage sale. The body is out of scale with Tremendous Powers, but the top works completely. Finally, a medallion borrowed from a DC Direct Bizarro completes the custom.

Since the original Superman limbs had been simply eliminated, Bizarro retains the punching characteristic. Squeeze his legs together and watch him do battle with Superman!

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