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This is The Batgirl Disambiguation Page

This is the Batgirl disambiguation page.
Batgirl is considered one of Batman’s facet-kicks and a member of the Batman Household just like Robin. There have been several ladies to take the place through the Doutor_Destino years. The unique Batgirl throughout the Silver Age was Betty Kane. This was later faraway from continuity, and the character was reintroduced underneath the alias Flamebird. Essentially the most nicely-acknowledged Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, niece of Commissioner Gordon, and the unique in modern continuity. She was Batgirl for a few years until the Joker shot her by means of the spine during Killing Joke and paralyzed her. Barbara still fought crime from her wheel-chair as Oracle, a global tremendous-hacker and invaluable computer systems expert for heroes in every single place. Helena Bertinelli, better known as Huntress, took the position throughout No Man’s Land however later relinquished it. Cassandra Cain, daughter of the assassin David Cain, turned the next Batgirl while looking for redemption for her father’s crimes. She was finally manipulated into going rogue by Deathstroke and gave up the cowl after she had recovered from her mental breakdown. The teleporter Misfit briefly referred to as herself Batgirl when she started her vigilante profession on the streets, although she modified her title after she was taken in by the Birds of Prey. Stephanie Brown, originally often known as Spoiler and a former Robin, turned Batgirl after superman and wonder woman t shirts wholesale the obvious demise of Batman. Gordon has since returned to the place superman and wonder woman t shirts wholesale in the DCnU following a recovery.

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