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Teen Titans (Prime Earth)

When an evil organization is known as a villain often known as Harvest and his organization “N.O.W.H.E.R.E”. A running theme for the 2011-2014 series, was Harvest kidnapping young heroes for experimentation and enslavement, as part of the villainous scheme for world supergirl t shirt with cape domination. Tim Drake, now rebranded as “Purple Robin” so as to guard teenage heroes from Harvest’s plans. So as to defeat N.O.W.H.E.R.E.Pink Robin places collectively a team of younger metahumans, made up of Kid Flash, Marvel Lady, Solstice, and two new characters named Bunker and Skitter. He later recruits Superboy, who had been cloned by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s scientists.

It is Our Proper to Battle

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The Culling

The staff soon finds themselves captured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and are pressured to battle their lives alongside different metahumans such because the time-displaced Legion Lost.

Demise of Household
The workforce along with the Outlaws, tried to protect Tim and Purple Hood who had been being stalked by the Joker who manages to kidnap Tim and Red Hood for his plan.

As ordered by her father Raven attempted to infiltrate the crew carry alongside her an enthralled Beast Boy with a view to take over the world

Forever Evil
When all of Earth’s greatest heroes were gone and the Crime Syndicate had taken over the world, the Teen Titans attempted to problem the Crime Syndicate, however were simply overpowered by Johnny Fast and Atomika and had been then flung into the timestream. During their travels, Wonder Girl prompt that Raven use her powers to control the energy inside the time stream. Raven succeeded in anchoring the Titans with her soul-self, teleporting them by time. The Titans arrived 20 years into the longer term, where the Jonathan Lane Kent, has massacred most of Earth’s superheroes, leaving just a few, including Beast Boy, now calling himself Beast Man, and Rose Wilson. Superboy (Kon-El) and Jon battled, and Kon triumphed. However Kon was sent elsewhere by an unknown energy, and a severely injured Jon was swapped unknowingly as Superboy by Logan and Wilson.

Trial of Kid Flash
The Titans journey to the 30th Century where they arrive on an alien planet and be taught that Kid Flash is actually a rebel leader and battle criminal, Bar Torr. While Kid Flash awaits his trial his teammates be taught more about his past. When the trial goes under method Child Flash admits to being responsible and the remainder of his future resistance come and attack. Throughout the fight Child Flash and Superboy clash. During the fight, Bart’s sister convinces him to quit. The struggle ends and Bart is on trial again and is sentenced to a prison planet. As Bar Torr is being taken away, Solstice reveals her feelings to him and how she is prepared to observe him anyplace. Which convinces a choose to send her to him. The remaining Titans go away Child Flash and Solstice sooner or later, returning to their unique time and are united with Bunker, Beast Boy, and Skitter. Meanwhile as Raven spends some time alone she finds out that their journey has severed Trigon’s management over her.

Manchester Black and S.T.A.R Labs
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When a mysterious A.I. called Algorithm was committing terrorist acts the Titans target the Algorithm to a high-ranking executive of S.T.A.R. Labs Manchester Black who was being supergirl t shirt with cape focused by Algorithm. However, in actuality, Manchester was setting up sequence of occasions so as to realize the Teen Titans belief and suggest a partnership. Pink Robin who was suspicious of Manchester agreed to the partnership, but assigned Beast Boy to investigate.

Demon’s Fist Hunt
After Tim Drake disbanded the Teen Titans, he was soon succeeded by Damian Wayne after he had turned thirteen. He started to recruit his staff by knocking out and kidnapping ( Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire). When his kidnappees woke up in Damian’s base on the west coast, he defined to them that a gaggle of Metahumans known because the Demon’s Fist had focused all of them for assassination. Then the members of the Demon’s Fist arrive on the underground base and battle the brand new Teen Titans. The Titans narrowly escape on Damian’s jet and camp out within the forests of California.

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