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If That really Is The Case

The adage tells us that data is Hawkgirl power. If that really is the case, then the entity often called Brainiac is sup cat shirt on his way to becoming sup cat shirt probably the most highly effective being within the universe.

Women's Desgin poison ivy ninja inu Short Sleeve  Tops TeesCold, calculating, unfeeling and completely single-minded in his goals, the aptly nicknamed Collector of Worlds journeys throughout the universe gathering information and data from each civilization he encounters. However enlightenment isn’t Brainiac’s aim. Instead, he seeks the superiority that comes with information. However what power does information actually hold if everyone can get hold Men’s The Batman Symbol Desgin Long Sleeve Tee Shirt of it Whereas more benevolent minds might be content to study and share new information, when Brainiac encounters a new civilization, he captures and bottles whole cities full of people and technology as samples—before destroying the planet and moving on, leaving little more than rubble in his wake.

Brainiac is vastly intelligent and driven by pure, unwavering logic. Superman must make the most of all of his powers sup cat shirt when battling in opposition to the villain and his army of robot drones, however any chance at defeating Brainiac requires brains as well as brawn…and outthinking, out-planning and outwitting considered one of the neatest beings in the universe is a activity few heroes are as much as.

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