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First Have a look at The brand new Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic That’ll Reveal Venom’s Origins

The continuing run of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy comedian is gearing up for a semi-crossover that’ll take us deep into the home world of Spider-Man baddie Venom. E book your ticket to the Planet of the Symbiotes.

This November, the sequence will dig into a three-subject arc dubbed “Planet Of The Symbiotes,” which’ll take the motley space heroes to the deadly planet the place Venom originated earlier than bonding to Flash Thompson in the present continuity. The arc kicks off with issue #21, for those preserving depend.

The mini-arc will be written by stormtrooper shirts Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Valerio Schiti, and discover Venom heading back to his residence planet with the comedian model of the Guardians. I like doing it for the comics!”

Readers will largely see the story from the perspective of Agent Venom, aka Flash Thompson, and Bendis stated they’ll be filling in “additive” parts of Venom’s backstory which have been left largely unexplored. We should admit, it’s an interesting pitch, and we’re fairly psyched to get a peek at a planet stuffed with symbiotes. As Bendis enthuses:

“I looked it up and I was like no, there’s been a planet we’ve seen taken over by symbiotes, however have we not seen the planet of the symbiotes I known as [Marvel Senior Vice President Of Publishing] Tom Brevoort, I am going, could or not it’s that even in the craziness of the ’90s when it was Venom, Venom, Venom each five seconds, that stormtrooper shirts this story has not been informed And he goes, yeah we’ve by no means been there. And I’m like, now I need to do it! It’s crazy.”

Venom was first introduced again in 1984 as part of an alternate swimsuit for Spidey, till Peter Parker ultimately realized that tremendous-suit was truly an alien symbiote. Venom has been a fan-favorite baddie ever since, and Bendis guarantees they will be throwing some nods to those preliminary 1984 tales as they explore the character’s genesis throughout the Marvel universe.

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