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Chewbacca Singing “Silent Night” Is The only Christmas Tune You’ll Ever Want

It’s already been a very Wookiee Christmas with the massive success of yet another Star Wars movie. Rogue One dominated the box office in its first weekend, making this the second December in a row where the galaxy far, far away has left us all in star wars the force awakens womens shirt a vacation frenzy. So it solely is smart that we’re blessed with the candy sounds of Chewbacca serenading us all into the Christmas spirit with a rousing rendition of “Silent Night,” due to How it Ought to Have Ended.

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The original idea of “Chewbacca Sings Silent Night” was by Scott Anderson in 1999, and the audio has been shared and recreated various times. For this model, HISHE collaborated with star wars the force awakens womens shirt James Covenant, the man behind the equally great Star Trek “Make It So” holiday video, to show up the cheer to eleven. Watch under Sinestro and sing along!

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