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Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Teases MCU Phase 4: Full Story

What does the longer term hold for the MCU Courtesy Marvel
November’s Thor: Ragnarok—which critics are enjoying— is rumored to immediately set up the events of the all-encompassing Avengers: Infinity Struggle, which could have been within the making for a full decade when it lastly arrives next yr. That’s an astonishing accomplishment. Nowhere else in the movie business are you able to find a persistently good and worthwhile interconnected cinematic universe, not to mention one which is nearly 10 years outdated. A lot of the ground-breaking success enjoyed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe is due to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, star wars sweatshirt mit kapuze who learn the tea leaves and acted accordingly.

Now he’s up to his previous tricks once more as he prepares to shutter this first iteration of the MCU and build out the franchise in a post-Avengers world. The contracts for the series’ greatest stars are up after these subsequent two Avengers movies, leaving quite star wars sweatshirt mit kapuze a bit of unknown territory for audiences.

“Well, all I’ll say is the films we’re working on now – which take us by means of to the Avengers Untitled in May of 19 – that’s really all we’re focusing on,” Fiege informed Uproxx. “And we are focusing on bringing, by that time, an unprecedented, 22-film, continuous shared fictional narrative to a conclusion in a satisfying means.”

Naturally, Feige avoided specifics, but he did tease a little bit of what’s to come.
“And the place we go beyond that In fact we will go locations beyond that. And, in fact, now we have ideas of where we go Cheap Cotton Autumn justice league unlimited star wars sweatshirt mit kapuze Children’s T-shirt beyond that. But, actually, it is all good tales. And as the sequence finale of Star Trek: The subsequent Technology said, ‘All good things must come to an end.’ And part of what makes them special, there’s a finite quality to the best of fictional tales by history. And we wanted to try this at the top of our first three phases and 22 films. How we begin anew and wherever we transcend that is a narrative for an additional time. This is absolutely about 10 years on, bringing one thing to a head in a satisfying and unexpected method.”

Does this clarify why Marvel hasn’t made any main film announcements since Part Three’s was introduced in 2014

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