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Weight reduction Spells

Tahiti voodoo and Pagan rites are all forms of witchcraft, and there are lots of extra both black and white, depending on the entity you favor.

The observe of witchcraft encompasses numerous spells and chants and every one is designed to instruct an unseen superior being to grant the wishes of the practitioner. And the superb factor is; each male or feminine witch will be satisfied that the rituals and spells they perform will be successful, and can pass on that conviction to any who dare to listen.

Halloween Spell 1. – Candle Magic
Search for the waning moon and light a pink candle; ideally already used and with a effectively around the wick. Put a few drops of scented oil or your favourite scent into the properly and sprinkle some flower petals round the base.

Drip among the wax into the saucer or flat base and when the wax is semi arduous, scratch the variety of pounds you wish to lose. Draw a line underneath after which put the month number, i.e. January is month 1 – October is month 10.

Place the candle on prime. If it won’t stick, drip some more wax over your star wars star trek t shirt sale numbers; after you have written them, that part of the spell is complete.

The next step is to write the same numbers on a bit of paper and put the paper right into a saucer or flat container, stroll to the window, hearth the paper and blow the smoke out of the window, saying,

· “Blow blow away the load.
· Into the night I sign my fate.

· Shadows take the fats from me
· And make me slim for all to see.

As you say this imagine all of your excess fat drifting away by the window, and resolve to do all in your energy to make this happen. Saying at the top, “So mote or not it’s, so mote it be, so mote it’s.” Repeat the spell at intervals till Halloween is ended.

Halloween Spell 2 – The Magic Pentagram
As midnight approaches on the evening of Halloween, put together your self for your spell. In the middle of a square of paper, draw a pentagram and on every point write a particular phrase:

· star wars star trek t shirt sale 1st level: ‘White bread will not be for me’.
· 2nd point: ‘White sugar isn’t for me’.

· third point: ‘White potato is just not for me’
· 4th level: ‘All cake will not be for me’

· 5th level: ‘All candy will not be for me’
This can be a chant my stepmother used to make us recite, and though it appears like a enjoyable limerick, we used to take it critically.

· Big white fridge after i move by,
· Never open to my eye,

· Don’t disclose what’s inside,
· Please refuse my must sin,

· Behind these doors
· Donuts to dunk,

· I won’t drop some weight if I eat junk.
I feel the unique was written one thing like this, and before refrigerators had been invented. However the fun one above might be simpler to recite.

· Never yield an empty press, (Gallic for cupboard)
· And never stuff your self and wain, (wee’un-child),

· For the Satan’s hiding at nighttime,
· And he’ll puff you up a ‘fore Halloween.

Weight loss Candle Spell 3
Line up four candles in front of a big mirror: one blue, one red, one yellow, and one white. Flip off the room lights and stand behind the candles, and look into the mirror. Hold one other candle in your right hand and alter it into the opposite hand as you repeat every line of this chant:

· What I may be,
· I see in these lights,

· What may be tomorrow,
· However changing hands,

· Will change my self
· And lose my weight

· No tears no sorrow.
Treat Halloween as a first day, the same as you’d the first day of the year. It is an effective time for making resolutions and having spells that can assist you sustain along with your life changes.

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