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An important Day For A (polar Bear) Dip: ‘It Simply Seems like A good Tradition’

What would possess someone to start the new yr by plunging into darkish, swirling, bitterly cold water

“It’s fun!”
“It’s on my bucket list.”

“I don’t know.”
The solutions were as diversified as the outfits donned by members at Friday’s 22nd annual Herring Cove Polar Bear Dip.

In fact, there was the odd Speedo, bikini, Superman shirt and tutu — a polar bear dip tradition for some.

However this year additionally saw a Darth Vader take the plunge. “The Force is robust with this one,” commented one spectator.

And a Men’s Cotton Robin Comic Short Sleeve T Shirts cow. Effectively, a woman in a fleecy cow onesie, complete with a tail manufactured from string and pink pockets the place the udder can be, for anatomical verisimilitude.

“We have a cow about to jump within the water,” mentioned the event’s host, Christopher Webb, earlier than the bedecked bovine took her flip.

“A very, very frightened-looking cow.”
No matter what they were carrying before their leaps, although, they had been all sporting the same look afterwards: goosebumps and towels.

Meanwhile, in Antigonish County, recriminations had been being considered.
“Because of that girl right there,” responded Melissa Smith when requested why she would plunge her household into the frigid waters of St. Georges Bay.

She pointed at Denise Hart, who laughed and accepted accountability for convincing the household of five into the reasonably sadistic bonding exercise.

The polar bear dip at Mahoneys Seashore celebrated its twentieth anniversary Friday with screams of pain as a number of dozen ran into and away from the water as rapidly as possible.

Melissa, her husband, Stacey, and sons Nathaniel, Zackery and star wars ships shirt Mason huddled on the seaside and politely answered questions while eyeing the heated vehicles ready on the road.

Requested whether he felt refreshed and ready for 2016, 13-yr-old Nathaniel stared blankly into area and murmured, “I can’t feel my toes.”

Back at Herring Cove, Kim Brown was slightly extra upbeat. A first-time jumper, she stated she felt exhilarated after the icy plunge.

“It was superior; 2015 for me was a 12 months of going outside the field, and I’m beginning 2016 doing the identical thing.”

A bunch of seven girls, most wearing bathing caps, rainbow-coloured knee-excessive socks and T-shirts that learn However Baby It’s Chilly Outdoors, determined to take the leap together.

Holly Gillis, a member of the group, was doing it for the second time.
“I began it final year, and now it simply seems like a good tradition,” she mentioned.

Another member, Judy Dubois, didn’t seem so positive.
“I’m nervous. I used to be trying not to think about it much up till this point. But now it’s shut.”

Allie Morrison was one of star wars ships shirt the youngest jumpers this year, when ages ranged from nine to eighty one. At 10, the Herring Cove resident determined to take the plunge with a few friends.

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