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New Games Flood App Store Before Impending Holiday Release Freeze

The App Store is in constant danger of recent launch bombardments, positive, but many companies adhere to a daily, weekly bombing run starting every Wednesday, through the wee hours of the evening (UTC), dropping their new iPhone and iPad games on Apple’s market while many people are snoozing. Last night time was no exception — really, scratch that. It was distinctive!

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Pending the beginning of the “iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown” next Thursday — a six-day lockout period when developers will probably be unable to release or replace apps, together with games — an army of companies, armed with their massive vacation releases (for little iDevices), launched a massive assault on the App Retailer last night. What began as a couple of warning shots yesterday grew right into a full-on assault, led by Gameloft’s crisp clones, NOVA 2 and Shadow Guardian, and Sq. Enix’s shock (and apparently rushed) port of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Gentle.

Even Sega couldn’t resist launching a couple of extra classics in Altered Beast and Sonic Spinball. And what’s this … Final Mortal Kombat 3 Hey, if Street Fighter IV labored …

Pursue our complete checklist of new release highlights after the break, and then make double-certain “Santa” knows you’ve got been adequate for an iTunes present card this year.

App Retailer Sport Release Highlights for Dec. 15-16:

The 7th Guest (Trilobyte) – $2.Ninety nine [iTunes]
Altered Beast (Sega) – $2.Ninety nine [iTunes]

Battlefield: Dangerous Firm 2 (EA) – $0.Ninety nine [iTunes]
Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time (BBC) – $3.99 [iTunes]

Doodle Bounce Christmas Particular (Lima Sky) – $0.99 [ITunes]
Hook Worlds (Rocketcat) – $zero.Ninety nine [iTunes]

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Mild (Sq. Enix) – $6.Ninety nine [iTunes]
NOVA 2 (Gameloft) – $6.99 [iTunes]

Actual Racing 2 (Firemint) – $9.99 [iTunes]
Scrabble Free (EA) – FREE [iTunes]

Shadow Guardian (Gameloft) – $6.Ninety nine [iTunes]
Sonic Spinball (Sega) – $2.99 [iTunes]

Final Mortal Kombat three (EA / Warner Bros.) – $6.99 [iTunes]
Common (iPhone/iPad)

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD (Crescent Moon) – $6.99 [iTunes]
Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered (Revolution) – $6.99 [iTunes]

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave (Trendy) – $2.Ninety nine [iTunes]
Geared 2 (Bryan Mitchell) – $0.Ninety nine [iTunes]

Tron: Legacy (Disney) – $0.99 [iTunes]

The 7th Guest for iPad (Trilobyte) – $5.99 [iTunes]
Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time HD (BBC) – $four.99 [iTunes]

Dungeon Hunter 2 HD (Gameloft) – $9.99 [iTunes]
The game of Life for iPad (EA) – $6.99 [iTunes]

Helsing’s Hearth HD (Clickgamer) – $1.99 [iTunes]
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Gentle HD (Square Enix) – $9.Ninety nine [iTunes]

Monkey Island Tales 1 HD (Telltale) – $6.99 [iTunes]
Riven: The Sequel to Myst (Cyan Worlds) – $5.Ninety nine [iTunes]

Pix’n Love Rush DX (Bulkypix) – $1.99 [iTunes]
Pocket God: Journey To Uranus (Bolt Artistic) – $4.99 [iTunes]

Shadow Guardian HD (Gameloft) – star wars indiana jones t shirt $9.Ninety nine [iTunes]
Area Miner HD (Venan) – $2.99 [iTunes]

World of Goo (2D Boy) – $9.Ninety nine [iTunes]
Yoot Tower (DigiToys) – $7.99 [iTunes]

ZombieSmash HD (gamedoctors) – $2.99 [iTunes]
EA’s “Fa-La-La Enjoyable Sales Occasion” – $0.99 for applicable video games [full list star wars indiana jones t shirt on Touch Arcade]

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