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“Hero Envy” The Weblog Adventures

I have always been more of an excellent hero toy collector/hoarder throughout my life. These were at all times the objects that I looked for once I hit the toy aisles. Hulk, Spider-man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and so forth. have been the faces that made my world tick. But every so typically one other toy would come out and make an impression on me. Some throughout the years have been, the LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars figures, the Remco AWA Wrestling Figures and the Bandi M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Crucial and influential of this group to me was the Mattle He-Man and the Masters of the Universe figures (I had nearly all the things including the heralded Eternia playset).

More often than not a toy would simply hit the shelves without my data and it will spark my curiosity. One of these such toys was made by Excellent known as The Manglors. These strange creatures gave the impression to be out of a horror story. They have been encased in massive eggs and were stated to be “Made of the Strangest Stuff on Earth!” What had been these items I stated to myself as I seemed them over someday in a Caldors department retailer. I was at all times such a stickler for the brutish type of characters so it was “The Manglord” determine that I needed as a result of he looked like star wars empire strikes back shirt a cross between Frankenstein and the Swamp Factor. On this present day my mom stated no after i requested her for it, so I left the shop empty handed.

As time went on I occurred to watch a business that marketed The Manglors and when i discovered you could rip them apart and put them again together I used to be even more involved. WOW!! You’ll be able to tear them apart and stick them back together any manner you needed You could even mix-n-match them How cool was that Next time we hit the toy store, I am getting the Manglord baby, no Marvel_Comics excuses!!

Ultimately I went with my mother to a Kay-Bee toy store and i picked up the Manglord. If I am right, I think it bought for 7.Ninety nine. Hell, that’s low-cost for an indestructible toy!! Once i got dwelling I tore into the box like a child possessed (and I was)! star wars empire strikes back shirt I popped open the egg shell and the determine was sealed in a clear plastic bag that saved it moist. Once i tore that open, the determine felt like a strange, squishy sponge that had a strong soapy smell to it. I crushed it and stretched it after which came the moment of reality… I tore its arm off!! I then put the arm back on to observe it “magically” heal itself — after which the arm fell off. HUH I tried to stay the arm on once more and it fell off again. Once more and many times I tried to stay the arm back on and it continued to fall off! What was this trash It drove me nuts!! The figure did not work anything prefer it was advertised. I used to be suppose to be able to rip his limbs off and then put them again on. That feature didn’t work in any respect, as I just ripped my toy apart and had an armless Manglord determine. To make matters worse, mud and hair stuck to this factor like the plague. However like the delusional fool I am, I needed to get another one and keep it pristine. So the larger problem was how was I going to convince mommy to buy me one other one

In reality my mom would never simply get me a new Manglord determine no matter how arduous I tried to convince her. I needed a plan, and most significantly — I wanted time. Because the fates would have it, one other Manglors toy commercial hit the air waves during this time… Manglor Mountain: The Volcanic Fortress Playset! If you pumped the mouth of the serpent god cast throughout the mountain, the Manglord would rise from the bowels of hell and break free from his steel cage to assault my other toys (properly, this is how my imagination noticed it at the time). Whereas getting a straight up, stand alone Manglord figure would be next to unimaginable because my mother simply acquired it for me, with this playset she would never know the distinction! How could I be this lucky

The primary part of my plan was to get her to see it. So after getting her to look at just a little bit of tv with me on just a few events, the business aired. I conveniently told her that this playset could be great with the Manglord figure she simply acquired me a couple of days ago… and surprisingly, she thought that it seemed fun! WOW! My luck simply kept on coming. She mentioned that I might get it this weekend if I did a bunch of chores for the rest of the week. No problem, I mentioned as I went to work. I planted the seed and that i got the prize. Once i get this toy, I was going to be smarter and keep the Manglord intact and mint. Thanks mom!

Getting Manglor Mountain at Bradlees that weekend was filled with childhood marvel. My anticipation to open up this playset and increase my Manglord figure from the fiery bowels of the mountain was going to be a blast. Once i acquired dwelling, I tore the box open and arrange the spectacle. It felt good to have an intact Manglord figure (he was going to remain that method). The mountain playset, cage and lava-goo-slime looked cool and i seen that if you press down on the demon’s tongue, the air strain would blow out of a small gap to raise the determine and the cage. So I put the determine into the cage, snapped it shut, slid it down the cylinder-gap in the course of the mountain and poured the lava slime on the top of it… ecstasy here I come!!

As I pumped away my youthful enthusiasm shortly changed to absolute frustration. The air that shot out was only strong sufficient to lift the Manglord and his cage about half-manner up earlier than it would begin to slide again down. I pumped harder and more durable and the identical thing stored occurring. What a large number!! What a rip off!! This blasted toy was one other scam within the Manglor line! Nothing labored like it was marketed to do! And after all the chores I did to get this thing — I was pissed! After about an hour I was by means of with this playset and all the pieces that needed to do with the Manglors! I by no means touched one ever again.

Ironically, it wasn’t simply me who had a problem with The Manglors. A Customers Union kids’s publication called Penny Power took motion in opposition to Superb attributable to the fact that this toy line could not stay up to its promoting claims… good for them!

The top

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A few years later my mom had a yard sale and this playset was one of the things that I wished to sell to make just a few bucks. I satisfied a kid up the road named Brian to purchase it for 5 dollars (sucker). I noticed it in his trash when I used to be walking to highschool about per week later — that was hilarious. Thanks for the reminiscences Very best, you guys suck.

to be continued…
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