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Four Burning Questions I have After Seeing ‘Star Wars

So it finally occurred: I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Christmas and i managed to see it without studying any spoilers beforehand even supposing my colleagues have written tons of spoiler-stuffed features in regards to the film. I actually appreciated the movie, though it did leave me with 4 burning questions that I hope to see answered in future installments. Let’s speak about them under, and yes, there will be tons and lots and plenty of spoilers.

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Query No. 1: Just how highly effective is Rey We noticed in the movie that Rey was able to resisting Kylo Ren’s thoughts-reading powers and even bested him in a gentle saber duel, despite the fact that she had by no means received any formal training with the Pressure.

This suggests she’s not simply Force-delicate but that she is already considerably extra highly effective than most Power users within the galaxy, meaning that when she gets some precise training… watch out.

It’s also doable that Rey did obtain some training as a younger child however that she was so highly effective that she frightened her tutor, who then wiped her memory of the whole lot she learned. This might explain the apprehensive expression on Luke Skywalker’s face at the top of the movie when he sees Rey for the first time. And talking of Luke…

Question No. 2: Is there any chance Rey isn’t Luke’s daughter I’m personally very tired of every highly effective Star Wars character being related in some solution to the Skywalker household, but it seems there’s little or no doubt that Rey is Luke’s daughter. Remember the way in which that she had a psychic connection along with his lightsaber when she first encountered it Or what about that voiceover of Luke in the early trailers that said, “The Pressure is powerful in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You could have that power, too.”

Principally, it looks as if Luke and Rey are associated in a roundabout way, though I personally would favor that the films avoid this very obvious alternative. Instead, I’d like it if Rey had been, say, the sister of a younger Jedi that Luke was training earlier than being slaughtered by Kylo Kylo_Ren Ren. This manner, Luke would really feel constant guilt about failing her brother and wouldn’t need to take on responsibility for training her within the ways of the Drive, which might open the door for her to be tempted by the Dark Facet.

And talking of the Dark Side…
Query No. 3: Is the primary Order really this incompetent So let me get this straight: The primary Order was in a position to construct a ridiculous planet-sized weapon capable of devouring the energy of an entire solar but it wasn’t good sufficient to have a couple of individual guard two excessive-worth prisoners

The case of leaving Rey guarded by just one storm trooper was particularly egregious since Kylo Ren had simply seen for himself how capable she was utilizing the Drive. So as a substitute of sedating her and locking her away in a supermax-type prison, he leaves her held by mere shackles below the care of one easy-minded storm trooper who was simple prey for her Jedi thoughts tricks.

Additionally: I’m sorry, but the concept of a planet sucking up an entire sun and then spitting it back out is absurd even by Star Wars standards. I don’t count on Star Wars motion pictures to have real looking physics but come on.

Question No. Four: Why did R2D2 wake up when he did Once we first see R2D2, C-3PO star trek yellow shirt 720 informs us that he’s been in low-energy mode ever since Luke disappeared all those years in the past. Then after the Resistance blows up the primary Order’s ridiculous solar-eating weapon, he wakes up and conveniently gives the missing piece of the map that shows Luke’s location.

It seems apparent that Luke programmed R2D2 to get up at a certain time however when was it Was it when Rey confirmed up and demonstrated her appreciable powers Was it after it became clear that the Dark Aspect had regrouped and once once more posed a menace to the galaxy We just don’t know at this point and I’ll anticipate the next movie to tell us.

At any rate, regardless of my gripes with the primary Order’s remarkable ineptitude, I believed The Force Awakens was star trek yellow shirt 720 a terrific movie that’s left me hungry for more. Here’s hoping J.J. Abrams can keep this up because it’s been a very enjoyable ride to this point.

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