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Spoilers: Marvel Dice Masters Age Of Ultron

Here are our best guesses. Go away feedback beneath should you assume we’re incorrect or to help with some of the ones we do not know.

Men's superman drawing Print Long Sleeve Tee Shirt1. Wasp
2. Captain America… a brand new symbol for Captain America And it’s a fist character too. I wasn’t expecting this. Very cool!
3. Yellow die with a red lady’s face… I don’t have any clue.
Four. I might have guessed this was a Sentinel, however those stats do not reflect a Sentinel. Possibly some form of guard robot Kang the conqueror. Because of Evan for this one. Kang has already been revealed to be on this set, in order that makes sense.
5. This may be a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent of some sort. Presumably Maria Hill or Agent Carter. Not Phil Coulson, as we are able to see on his card pictured above, his die is a unique colour.
6. Vision, also with a brand new symbol.
7. Blue die with the black define of a girl’s face. I don’t know. Loads of individuals are guessing Maria Hill for this one. Whether it is Hill, then we now have Phil Coulson, the blue and white S.H.I.E.L.D. die from #5, and Maria Hill here at #7. That looks like overkill on S.H.I.E.L.D. brokers. A more offbeat guess is Finesse from Avengers Academy.
8. Might possibly be a new Iron Man. The extra I have a look at it, the extra I have a look at it, the extra I don’t think it is Iron Man… no other real guess although.
9. Captain Marvel. Remember, this is the Carol Danvers version of the character.
10. This seems like an motion die, since there are no stats to be seen. A gray die with a yellow trident. Nothing is coming to thoughts.
11. There is not enough to go on right here. A darkish gray die with a white symbol. Also word it’s a fist character. Ultron. I ought to have guessed it since his card is within the image too. Thanks tojhoratio.
12. Rocket Racoon
thirteen. Crimson Skull. Hoever, a few of these die are looking like they could possibly be young characters from Avengers Academy. There’s a small chance that is Mettle. My money is still on Red Skull although.
14. Baron Zemo
15. Wolverine. New symbol on a blue die. Odd colour alternative. The more I look at this one, the more it seems to be star trek tos t shirt design like the Owl, a Daredevil villain.
16. Loki. One other new image, but acquainted colors.
17. Inexperienced die with a white radioactive symbol. It is either Hulk or Radioactive Man. It could be Hazmat, as Evan pointed out, which might fit right in if #7 is in factFinesse, #thirteen is Mettle, and with Jocosta at #23.
18. Daredevil.
19. Blue die star trek tos t shirt design with white connecteddots. I don’t know.
20. Ultron-Bot. Notice it is not the same color because the die featured on the Ultron card, and the stats are nowhere near Ultron’s stats. Fielding value of 1 with solely 2 attack Ultron-Bot.
21. I am Groot!
22. Hawkeye. I wouldn’t have guessed this, but since different existing characters are getting new symbols, this is sensible.
23. Lilandra, former queen of the Shi’ar Empire. Evan identified that this may very well be Jacosta, one other robot built by Hank Pym, and provided that this is Age of Ultron, that is in all probability correct. Upon closer look, yea…

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