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Boy’s Luke Skywalker Costume

Sometimes it just doesn’t take much to put together an awesome Star Wars impressed boy’s Luke Skywalker costume for Halloween. Here’s a perfect example of star trek spock shirt 15 a young Luke Skywalker padawan who’s got all the colours right. Drawing from the desert panorama of Tatooine, this boy’s Luke Skywalker costume makes use of solely off-whites, beiges, and browns but manages to fully and accurately recreate the look with a simple utility belt and some darker coloured leg warmers. Throw in Luke’s light saber and you’ve got an easy costume and Star Wars fan will take pleasure in wearing.

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– gold
Probably 137 ABY if you happen to rely the Legacy comics and marketing campaign guide put out by Darkish Horse.

The whole Star Wars Encyclopedia lists the drive ghost of Jerec and the Sith (who perished at the top of the new Sith Wars) continuing to linger in the Valley of the Jedi at 1000 ABY.

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princess leia themed
– trom leopoux
there’s a man downtown who does nothing however stand still statue-like all day. Thats spectacular and all, but I’ve sat by all three Star Wars movies in one sitting. That is efficiency artwork.

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