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Batman New 52

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So, the Endgame arc appears to be heavily implying a more… supernatural side of the Joker. Whereas I (along with most different readers) shall be heavily disillusioned if this turns out to be a dream story or yet one more Clayface reveal, I thought that Snyder can go to some really totally different and attention-grabbing locations with the Batman-Joker dynamic if he actually does make the supernatural side stick in New fifty two canon, while simultaneously providing an superior answer to considered one of the largest questions in Batman historical past.

You already know, the query why he doesn’t simply kill Joker after his 79849th escape from Arkham leading to his 589305543th murder (okay, maybe which may be exaggerated a bit). As it seems, Gordon shot Joker in problem #37 point-blank within the chest, and he just obtained again up. Now this could be something as brainless as a kevlar vest, however what if it turns out star trek costume shirt ebay that he actually cannot be killed And furthermore, Bruce knows this. Give it some thought, after any one in every of his homicide sprees between Zero Yr and DOTF, Batman prepares to do to Joker what he fully deserves: just kill him, since he is just going to escape once more or get a launch attributable to insanity. He carries it out, only to find Joker still alive, kicking and Joking. Of course he doesn’t dare inform another dwelling soul to avoid widespread panic and mass hysteria that Gotham is being haunted by a star trek costume shirt ebay malevolent supernatural entity.

I think this can be pretty cool. And individuals are complaining that Joker is just a man, he simply can’t be something… more. But my level is, this isn’t the pre-Flashpoint Joker we know and love, that is the new fifty two iteration, and i for one would love if they made him really a power to reckon with. I mean, thoughts-controlling the entire Justice League ! How many ‘merely human’ villains have that of their resume

Effectively, whatever they do, I belief in Snyder and assume Endgame is going to be the most effective Batman tales ever written.

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This can be a cool means to have a look at The Joker. It might very effectively be written in to the story primarily based off of the original Joker “Beginning”. Meaning the accident that lead to The Red Hood (Joker) falling in to toxic waste which bleached his pores and skin and adjusted his hair inexperienced; could even have given him the “power/potential” of immortality. So, its not quite supernatural but identical impact.

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