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Tips And Methods

Hello, Welcome to the tips and Tips page. Edit
Right here you may Be taught Some Tactics to use at Your benefit while In – Sport.

Defeating Bosses: Edit
Gilga Phantom: Edit

Tactic 1: Swarming Him with a large Group
This is likely one of the Mostly used Tactic and The most Unnefective, Individuals Swarm Him with a big Group Until Someone Kill him.

Tactic 2: Spamming Him with Marksman
Effectively i Made this one and its very Efficient, Get Marksman then Press “E” Now Begin flooding F Key and click on It will Make the Gun Shoot Numerous Shoots like “E” Key however With out Wasting Mana, Now simply do this while dodging and see its Health reducing.

Tactic four: Tokai Life Drain

If you happened to be determined enough to spend some Robux on a couple of Black Magic Gamepasses, I am positive you were good enough to purchase Tokaiyami as one in all them. So, take out your spiky sword, place it into the bottom on Gilga Phantom, and watch his well being rapidly drain away

Tactic 5 : Strathosphere
Use Cyber Strathosphere and fly to the tip of the map (the water area) then inform your group , good friend , companion or slave to use a category that’ll push him off. (Ex. Cyber samurai unsheath V) -darkturtle45

Tactic 6 : Clockwork
Change into clockwork and then spam your particular moves on him.-darkturtle45

Tactic 7: Ult
Use Nelshade or Hellfall to ult the boss. Bounce slightly before you do the keystroke, and you’ll ult him. Just make certain to be a distance away or you will die before the ult occurs. -reallyawesomestuff

Tactic 1: Swarm

Just assault with a couple of folks and Keu’s lifeless. Efficient in opposition to Keu , Inaffective in opposition to Phantom.-darkturtle45

https://www.youtube.com/watch v=MxfFhHhNqi4

Tactic three: Utilizing phantom as ally
Convey phantom Close to to officer and Let him do all the work.

Tactic 4: Clickspam Mercenary
When you have demon blade, just stand subsequent to him and clickspam. The lifesteal might be sufficient to maintain you alive the entire time because officer damages less than the lifesteal, so he cannot really damage you. -reallyawesomestuff

Tactic 5: Ult
Confer with tactic 7 above. No bounce obligatory. -reallyawesomestuff

Expensive Creator , You modified my technique. and also you also modified the Tactic 2. -darkturtle45

Tactic 1: Headhunting + Keystroke lessons
Use headhunter , when he’s invincible , shoot the crystals , till he is in shadow beast kind. Now ask a fellow Berzerker to spam his attacks . Repeat when he is flying again.-darkturtle45

Tactic ranger tshirts 2: Swarm
Most innafective , since vanta 3 hits you when he is a shadow, and you cannot hit him when he is flying.-darkturtle45

Tactic 3: Tachikito Crab Cannons
Gather a group of tachikito , then fire at him many times.-darkturtle45

Tactic 4: Ult
Refer to other ways similar to this. You may see Vanta’s “physique”, so soar up to that top and ult. -reallyawesomestuff

Tactic 5: Judi (Not really for beating boss)
Discover a corner and aim at all the noobs who use melee in opposition to Vanta. You possibly can possibly get as much as a 20 streak. -reallyawesomestuff

Keystroke Combos Edit
Berzerker: Edit

Nightmare: Edit
Samurai: Edit

Ravager: Edit

Amethyst Mode:
Lifesteal Combo: DASQ (Spectre Edge), (alt. C (Swing) ), ASC (Erebus), AWC (Nyx), ADC (Chaos), DSADDQ black adam t-shirt (Carnage Guillotine). Notes: The Cerebus Twelve Fangs combo + Carnage Guillotine can siphon a lot out of your opponent, since these two strikes lifesteal.

Alt. Lifesteal Combo: DASQ (Spectre Edge), AWC (Nyx), ASC (Erebus), ADC (Chaos), SSZ (Grab and Throw). Notes: This combo is more reliable than the other one however the other one does extra harm.

Injury Combo: Any Starter, ASC (Erebus), AWC (Nyx), ADC (Chaos), SSDDQ (Nightmare) Notes: On high of offering high lifesteal, since this combo ends with Nightmare, it deals main injury. (Have fun touchdown Nightmare without it lacking though)

One other harm combo (modifying someone’s remark): DASQ (spectre edge), ASC ( Erebus), AWC (nyx), ADC (chaos), ASDQ (dread eclipse) Q ( corona higher ) SSC ( still do not remember others), SC ( raven wing), DSADDQ ( carnage something). Notice: You may also someway press c then wc then the combo.

Void Mode:
Most primary yet effective combo: C C C C C ranger tshirts C C C… Notes: The fixed onslaught of punches and the very fact your opponent cant transfer while caught in a combo means that you could hammer the C button all you want to start a combo and to fill a combo. This leaves you vulnerable to assaults.

Simple Combo: C (Punch), C, C, DC (Uppercut), SWSQ (Tyrant Collider). Notes: I got nothing
Dependable Combo: C (Punch), C, C, DC (Uppercut), ADDQ (Tyrant Rave). Notes: Tyrant Rave’s insane injury makes this a great combo to make use of if your opponent will get close while you are in Void mode

ILOSTMYACCOUNT4’s grab Combo: SDSQ ( he would not know it), ADDQ (tyrant Rave), ASDQ (Dread eclipse),Q (Corona Higher),SC (Raven wing) SDDQ ( Thanato’s knuckle), SDSQ,ASDQ Q,SC,SDDQ. His note: extremely not good name, however if your opponent has a giant hitbox, you in all probability gonna die attempting this.

Somebody add in other keystroke’s combos, and add in air combos for Rav please. Repair ASDWWQ too.

Ace of Spades Edit
My combo: You solely must be in part three for this. DWSQ, ASDC (will lure opponent), SSZ, DDSC, WWX (if opponent will get too far from the DDSC), WWQ, SC, SAQ. Must do comparatively quick. Really useful use 2D camera.

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