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Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat! #1 “It is Patsy!”

Art By: Brittney L. Williams
Launch Date: 12/23/15

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat was one among my most anticipated titles from All New, All Different Marvel and this was even earlier than the Jessica Jones Netflix present. Patsy is a really interesting character with lots of historical past in the Marvel universe.

Patsy Walker first premiered as a romance comedian ebook character in the 1940’s. Marvel then revamped her character rainbow star trek shirt 15 into the superhero named Hellcat in the 1970’s making her join the Avengers. Earlier than All New, All Totally different Marvel Patsy was working as a investigator for She Hulk’s regulation firm and this sequence picks up from the place She Hulk left off.

Plot Abstract
The difficulty opens up with Patsy pitching a new enterprise idea to Jen Walters (ex-boss/finest pal) and Sharon King (She Hulk’s landlord). She needs to open up an excellent temp job to folks who’ve abilities. The remainder of the issue explores how Patsy got here up together with her new enterprise concept.

Hellcat stops a robbery from a new Inhuman villain who calls himself, Telekinian. He has the abilities to manipulate objects and their gravity. As the issue continues Hellcat learns that Ian is just not actually a villain he just doesn’t know what to do with his powers. Patsy and Ian turn out to be quick associates and even roommates.

As the issue continues Patsy’s previous starts to catch up to her. As she is shopping along with her new roommate she runs into Tubs (a pal from her childhood and character from the Pasty Walker comics). Patsy finds out that Hedy (Patsy’s frenemy from her teenage years) has reprinted the Patsy Walker comics without her permission.

If you’ve been reading my reviews on The Marvel Report or have been watching my critiques on Comic Uno then you may know that I really feel so much of recent All New, All Completely different Marvel titles aren’t new reader pleasant. This can be a shame because I thought the whole point of of All New, All Completely different Marvel was to allow new readers to find an excellent leaping on level. However I’m completely happy to say that Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat is totally new reader pleasant!

This sequence is taking Patsy on a brand new journey, nevertheless it doesn’t neglect Patsy’s old roots. It actually embraces it! I like how this collection is mixing both the Patsy Walker romance comic cast and the Hellcat superhero cast. I am especially excited to see how Hedy is going to suit into this series. We saw Hedy in the Hellcat mini collection within the early 2000’s however we really haven’t seen the character since. In the mini collection Hedy knew Patsy was Hellcat and it seemed like each characters respected each other. Now I am curious to see what strategy they are going to take with the character in this sequence.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat has a very gentle tone. There are Broadway jokes that are going to make you snort out loud and if you’re a brand new Yorker I feel you can relate to a number of the rainbow star trek shirt 15 conditions that occur in this situation. But even if you happen to aren’t a brand new Yorker or a 20 yr old one thing woman I believe you will be able discover one thing to like on this book.

I used to be very impressed that though this book is mild and enjoyable the problem wasn’t afraid to contact upon Patsy’s darker facet. I feel some writers would want to stray away from Patsy’s time in hell, however as I acknowledged earlier than this sequence embraces Patsy’s previous. I hope we can see the collection continue to do this sooner or later.

I keep talking concerning the main lady in this e-book, however something I used to be additionally very impressed with is how the e book established it’s supporting cast so quickly. You didn’t have to learn Soule’s She Hulk run to grasp that Patsy and Jen have a good friendship. The book introduces you to old pals, but at the same time makes you care about the new character, Ian.

This Patsy Walker sequence plays with one thing I’ve rarely seen some other comic play with and that’s, “What do you do along with your super powers should you don’t wish to be a super villain or super hero ” I’m certain there are plenty of individuals within the Marvel universe which can be like Ian and simply use their powers to get the distant management on the other aspect of the room because they’re too lazy to get up. I’m actually excited for this rainbow star trek shirt 15 sequence to discover these sort of characters, the characters that Marvel by no means had time to explore before.

The art is cartoony and it matches the title’s tone very well. I like the little hellcat symbols throughout the problem, especially when she modifications out of her costume. I also thought it was cute every time Patsy received shocked or defensive the artist would present her fangs come out, that was a nice touch.

Another function I observed in the artwork was the influence from anime. For example, sometimes the artist will draw Patsy smaller to show more expression. I’m still debating if I like using this type in the comic. It may fit for the e book, but I need to see how the artist uses it in future points. My advice is not to overuse that model, and use it sparingly.

This was a solid situation 1 and an amazing leaping on level for brand spanking new readers to Hellcat. Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat is a sequence that celebrates Hellcat’s history, however at the same time tells a story of a brighter future.

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