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Batman VS Darkseid

Darkseid SPITE and no that was’nt a clone it was the real factor.
The “Batman” that Darkseid “killed” in Ultimate Crisis was a Batman clone. Not the real Bruce Wayne himself.

Eh I believed it was just the physique Superman discovered that quicksilver v neck t shirt was a clone. That’s what Return of Bruce Wayne mentioned, anyway. Do they go into more detail in one other concern In any other case, when did Batman get sent into the past

this. the concept was that his physique obtained despatched all the way back (thus him having quicksilver v neck t shirt all of his gear at the top of Last Disaster) after which ditched the clothes and Men’s Custom GHOST RIDER Preview Short Sleeve T-Shirt moved forward. Superman heard Batman die, but grabbed a clone body (which genetically was Exactly the identical, so he woldnt be ready to inform).

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