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Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit

Genius inventor with armored survival go well with of his own creation. Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit is a Villain with Physical affinity.

1 Stats
2 Tremendous Powers 2.1 A Reduce Above
2.2 Man Of The Hour
2.3 Anti-Alien Strike
2.Four Nuclear Possibility
2.5 You Scratch My Back

– Value: 50
– Villain

Energy 318 5.4 323
Agility 311 5.1 316
Stamina 346 6 352
Intelligence 328 5.5 334
Hit Points 10 3520
Pace sixty two zero 62
Crucial Likelihood 5 0 5
Vital Value one hundred fifty zero a hundred and fifty
Power n/a

Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit Base Stats Icon Title Base Value Development Modifier Whole
Power 318 9.9 328
Agility 311 9.3 320
Stamina 346 10.9 357
Intelligence 328 9.9 338
Hit Factors 10 3569
Pace sixty primark avengers t shirt two zero 62
Crucial Probability 5 0 5
Crucial Worth 150 0 one hundred fifty
Energy n/a

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Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit Gear Stats Gear Set Name Stage eleven Worth Full Title Description

– Kind: Hybrid
STR 635 Power Affects Bodily Damage
AGI 305 Agility Affects Bodily Defense
STA 1140 Stamina Affects Hit Factors
INT 410 Intelligence Impacts Particular Injury, Special Harm Protection, and Heal Power
HP 9150 Hit Points The amount of damage a Hero can take earlier than they are defeated
SPD forty seven Velocity The frequency a Hero takes turns in combat
CRT CH 7% Critical Probability The +% chance a Hero has to perform a “Critical Hit”
CRT VAL 60% Critical Quantity The +% enhance in damage or healing a Hero will get when dealing a “Essential Hit”
P DMG zero.84 Physical Harm Will increase Physical Harm dealt
S DMG zero.89 Special Damage Increases Particular Harm and Healing dealt
AP 0.39 Affinity Power Will increase additional Affinity harm dealt
AR 0.Four Affinity Resist Reduces extra Affinity injury obtained
DEF 1.52 Defense Reduces Physical Harm acquired
RES 2.08 Resistance Reduces Special Damage received

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Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit Degree 70 Stats with Gear eleven Icon Identify Base Value Progress Modifier Growth Modifier x70 Gear bonus Complete

– Price: 90
– Villain
Energy 318 9.9 693 635 1646
Agility 311 9.Three 651 305 1267
Stamina 346 10.9 763 1140 2249
Intelligence 328 9.9 693 410 1431
Hit Points 10 9150 31640
Pace 62 zero zero 47 109
Crucial Probability 5% 0 zero 7% 12%
Critical Worth one hundred fifty% 0 0 60% 210%
P DMG zero.84 0.84
S DMG 0.89 0.89
AP zero.39 0.39
AR zero.Four 0.4
primark avengers t shirt DEF 1.Fifty two 1.Fifty two
RES 2.08 2.08
Power n/a

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Tremendous Powers[edit]

A Cut Above
Man Of The Hour

Stamina Up
Harm Immunity
Anti-Alien Strike

Strength Down
Nuclear Choice

You Scratch My Again
Affinity Up

– Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit’s Gear

LexCorp Xeno-Sensors
LexCorp Processor Corea

Kryptonian Power Cellf
Apokoliptian Charged Platingg

Presidential Pend
Kryptonite Ring

Genius businessman inventor and scientist Lex Luthor sees himself as humanity’s true savioreven if he has to threaten society primark avengers t shirt to save it.

The only thing that exceeds Lex Luthor’s genius is his arrogance and uncompromising hatred for Superman. Viewing him as an alien menace that threatens Earth not to mention being an affront to ‘mere humans’ corresponding to himself Lex directs his unrivaled scientific intellect and vast monetary sources in the direction of thwarting Superman. Men’s The Ant-Man Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt Lex Luthor may have been one of Earth’s greatest champions if not for his single-minded envy and supreme arrogance.

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