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Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom

By moving at superhuman velocity he delivers devastating assaults steals speed power and even reverses time to revive himself. Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom is a Villain with Vitality affinity.

Discount Cotton Design Cartoon Spider Gwen Children's T-shirt1 Stats
2 Tremendous Powers 2.1 Phase Jab
2.2 Speed Mirage
2.Three Detrimental Pace Pressure
2.4 Time Paradox
2.5 No one Sooner

– Price: 25
– Villain

Energy 342 5.Eight 348
Agility 299 5.6 305
Stamina 334 5.Three 339
Intelligence 326 5.Four 331
Hit Factors 10 3393
Pace 102 zero 102
Critical Likelihood 5 zero 5
Vital Worth a hundred and fifty zero one hundred fifty
Energy n/a

Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom Base Stats Icon Name Base Value Progress Modifier Complete
Energy 342 10.5 353
Agility 299 10.1 309
Stamina 334 9.6 344
Intelligence 326 9.Eight 336
Hit Points 10 3436
Speed 102 0 102
Critical Likelihood 5 zero 5
Vital Value 150 0 a hundred and fifty
Power n/a

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Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom Gear Stats Gear Set Identify Level eleven Value Full Name Description

– Sort: Physical
STR 915 Power Affects Bodily Harm
AGI 710 Agility Affects Bodily Defense
STA 675 Stamina pink superwoman tshirt Impacts Hit Points
INT a hundred and fifty Intelligence Impacts Special Damage, Particular Injury Protection, and Heal Power
HP 7600 Hit Factors The quantity of injury a Hero can take earlier than they’re defeated
SPD 30 Pace The frequency a Hero takes turns in combat
CRT CH forty two% Essential Probability The +% likelihood a Hero has to carry out a “Essential Hit”
CRT VAL 106% Essential Quantity The +% improve in injury or healing a Hero will get when dealing a “Vital Hit”
P DMG 1.21 Bodily Harm Will increase Bodily Harm dealt
S DMG N.A Special Damage Increases Particular Injury and Healing dealt
AP zero.85 Affinity Power Increases additional Affinity injury dealt
AR 0.34 Affinity Resist Reduces extra Affinity harm acquired
DEF 1.27 Protection Reduces Physical Injury received
RES 1.17 Resistance Reduces Special Damage received

edit pink superwoman tshirt stats
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Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom Stage 70 Stats with Gear eleven Icon Title Base Worth Development Modifier Growth Modifier x70 Gear bonus Whole

– Price: 90
– Villain
Energy 342 10.5 735 915 1992
Agility 299 10.1 707 710 1716
Stamina 334 9.6 672 675 1681
Intelligence 326 9.Eight 686 one hundred fifty 1162
Hit Points 10 7600 24410
Velocity 102 0 0 30 132
Critical Likelihood 5% 0 zero forty two% forty seven%
Critical Worth 150% zero 0 106% 256%
P DMG 1.21 1.21
AP zero.85 0.Eighty five
AR zero.34 0.34
DEF 1.27 1.27
RES 1.17 1.17
Power n/a

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Tremendous Powers[edit]

Phase Jab
Speed Mirage

Adverse Speed Power
Turn Meter Down
Speed Down

Time Paradox
Agility Up
Speed Up
Strength Up

Nobody Sooner
Speed Up

– Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom’s Gear
Reverse Flash Professor Zoom G1 Chemically Coated Uniform.png
Chemically Coated Uniform

Reverse Flash Professor Zoom G2 Detrimental Pace Pressure System.png
Destructive Speed Pressure Method
Reverse Flash Professor Zoom G3 Stolen Cribi Sculpture.png
Stolen Cribi Sculpture

Reverse Flash Professor Zoom G4 Flash Biography.png
Flash Biography
Reverse Flash Professor Zoom G5 Mysterious Reminder.png
Mysterious Reminder

Reverse Flash Professor Zoom G6 Historic Costume Ring.png
Historic Costume Ring

Coming from the longer term Eobard Thawnes obsession with the Flash led him to duplicate the Flashs powers and develop into his biggest foe.

Born in the 25th Century Eobard Thawne was consumed by an obsession for the Flash. When Thawne found he was destined to turn out to be the legendary heros best nemesis the revelation unhinged his mind. The brilliant Thawne worked to recreate the accident that gave Flash his pace and developed the Detrimental Pace Power components giving him even better powers than his idol. With the ability to slip by time Thawne torments the Flash from the future.

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