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Wonder Woman (vs.) She-Hulk

I normally take the ‘relative to everyone’ strategy to DC and Marvel, as a result of DC’s just insanely, unsatisfyingly OP.

Relative to everybody else in Marvel, She Hulk or Pink She Hulk are prime degree untameable ragemonsters who get better nearly immediately from almost any injury, are so powerful most weapons imply nothing to them, and may tear apart mountains with their bare palms.

Ever see WW tear apart a mountain WW, who wants armored bracelets to deflect bullets, so clearly mere bullets are a priority to her

But I do not need that strategy in this case.
She Hulk has educated with the Avengers — that’s Captain America, the world’s greatest fight strategist, and an array of fight consultants together with at least one with Cosmic martial arts Women’s Lana_Rey Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt skill ranges. WW has trained as an Amazon warrior. I would say they’d be equal in talent overall with completely different specializations, however then Jennifer isn’t shooting at Diana, and all Diana’s ability with lasso, falchion and thracian shield don’t have much bearing on a fist struggle, which is just about all of the Hulk family does.

Is Diana fast enough to outmaneuver She Hulk, even when we (insanely and irrationally) gave her the sting in strength

I have a look at it this fashion: radiation and rage work on Jennifer similar to they do on her blood-donor cousin Bruce. To be able to exert Superman-stage energy and swiftness, a fist approaching lightspeed is annihilating the atoms of air it encounters and turning them into gamma rays. If Diana is swinging at Jennifer quick and exhausting enough to outmaneuver and damage She Hulk, she’s old navy purple batman shirt swinging laborious sufficient to gamma amplify She Hulk’s power with every assault.

In the end, the more durable Diana fights, the stronger Jennifer will get, and regardless of how sturdy and quick Diana began, Jennifer will overcome her.

Passive assaults, like wrestling, may work if Diana can keep Jennifer from getting a breath, however then Diana’s given up the edge in pace and is on Jennifer’s acquainted turf. Wrestling a measurement-changer isn’t any simple feat, and a reversal by She Hulk ends the match.

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