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Ghost Rider Theme – Ghost Rider Soundtrack Tabbed by:DESANN88 Tuning:Customary That is my first Tab so hope you like it and hope it works for you. e|————————————————————————–| B|————————————————————————–| G|————————————————————————–| D|————————————————————————–| A|—-zero–zero–2–three–3–0——————————————————| E|zero———————three–three–0–three——————————————| e|————————————————————————–| B|————————————————————————–| G|———————————-zero–2–2–0——————————| D|———————-2–2–0–2————–2–2–0———————| A|—-zero–zero–2–three–3–0———————————–three–3–0————| E|zero—————————————————————three———| e|————————————————————————–| B|————————————————————————–| ninjago shirts for kids G|————————————————————————–| D|————————————————————————–| A|—-zero–0–2–three–three–0——————————————————| E|zero———————three–three–0–three——————————————| e|————————————————————————–| B|————————————————————————–| G|———————————-0–2–2–0——————————| D|———————-2–2–zero–2————–2–2–0———————| A|—-zero–zero–2–three–3–zero———————————–3–3–zero——–0—| E|0—————————————————————3—zero—–| e|0————————————————————————-| B|0————————————————————————-| G|zero————————————————————————-| D|0————————————————————————-| A|0————————————————————————-| E|zero————————————————————————-| | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================

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