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Cheap Cotton Design red hood Batman logo Children's T-shirtDoctor Checklist was a scientist and one of many prime figureheads of HYDRA. Originally working for S.H.I.E.L.D.he broke ties with that group around the time of the Battle at the Triskelion. As the right-hand man of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, he led HYDRA’s experiments with Loki’s Scepter and on the enhanced individuals. In the aftermath of Daniel Whitehall’s untimely dying, Record’s actions inadvertently led to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s discovery of the exact place of Strucker’s Sokovian base. Listing was killed by Iron Man when the Avengers, alerted by S.H.I.E.L.D.attacked Strucker’s base.

Double Agent

Doctor Listing joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and ultimately grew to become a member of its science department.[1]

Doctor Listing joined HYDRA and grew to become the lead scientist of Wolfgang von Strucker’s division. Finally, he grew to become von Strucker’s consultant at the meetings of HYDRA’s leadership and turned Strucker’s predominant right-hand man.[2]

Working in Sokovia
Record introduces himself to the Maximoff twins.

Wolfgang von Strucker had Doctor Listing stationed on the analysis facility in Sokovia throughout its civil protests to look forward to the arrival of the Scepter. When it arrived, Checklist used the scepter to activate Chitauri Guns for usage. Finally, he was asked to learn the way that vitality interacted with human beings whom he had convinced would obtain power equal to Iron Man or the Avengers. He informed the protesters that in the event that they consented, he would make it possible for the constant revolutions would end. Among those that volunteered had been the twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff; they have been notably fascinating to Listing because he wanted to doc how their relationship affected the potential of their gaining energy.[1]

Uprising Aftermath
Checklist speaks to Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

Two years after obtaining the Scepter, Checklist was performing his own experiments with BB-8 it. Although almost all of his human lab rats had died in the course of the experiments, the Maximoff twins did handle to outlive, each gaining extraordinary talents. After the destruction of Project Insight and the publicity of HYDRA’s infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D.List turned paranoid over the potential of their work being found, nevertheless Strucker assured him their work would continue.

List and Strucker discuss the Maximoff Twins
Strucker assured Record that HYDRA would distract Captain America and the Avengers with their other amenities while they continued their very own work. Listing asked what to do with the deceased volunteers and Strucker ordered them to be buried deep the place they would never be found. Checklist and Strucker then discussed what was to be achieved with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, Strucker stated the Avengers would meet them and would be horrified in this new age of miracles.[Three]

Fighting S.H.I.E.L.D.
Round Desk Discussion

List at a gathering with the Heads of HYDRA
Representing Wolfgang von Strucker, Listing went to a gathering with the leadership of HYDRA to resolve who would exchange Daniel Whitehall because the American commander following his untimely demise. Included within the discussion had been the Baroness, the Sheikh, the Banker and Octavian Bloom. Checklist told the others that the person who destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. would substitute Whitehall. Within the meantime, he would take a look at Whitehall’s research of arcane artifacts to see if there was anything helpful within it for HYDRA’s future experiments.[2]

Assassination of HYDRA Leaders
Physician List speaks to Bloom and Bakshi

That evening, Record acquired a phone name from Octavian Bloom, who had been involved with Sunil Bakshi, who early that day had almost been assassinated. List assured him that he nor Baron Wolfgang von Strucker had placed a kill-order on him or Bakshi, making Bloom turn towards the opposite three members of HYDRA’s council and have them executed. Nevertheless, as it quickly turned out, the whole story about the ability battle within HYDRA’s ranks was concocted by S.H.I.E.L.D. to trick HYDRA into destroying their very own members in a single devastating blow.[2]

Hunt for the Enhanced
Checklist studies the corpse of Ethan Johnston

When HYDRA efficiently captured a powered being referred to as Ethan Johnston, who had been teleported by the eyeless man they had been hunting, Listing took management of the experiments, leading to Johnston’s eventual dying after hours of surgical procedure and torture. Listing was annoyed that they had been unsuccessful find Quantum Entanglements within Johnston’s DNA, ordering Paula to then take Johnston’s corpse away.

Record greets Sunil Bakshi before their assembly
When Sunil Bakshi known as for a meeting with List, he arrived along with a bodyguard known as Deathlok. Record requested Bakshi how he had escaped after Daniel Whitehall had been killed, which in flip had led to the deaths of the other heads of HYDRA, which included Octavian Bloom, throughout a recent S.H.I.E.L.D. raid, suggesting that Bakshi was accountable for their assassinations. Bakshi advised him that he was not accountable, noting that Checklist himself was a more seemingly wrongdoer, after which that revealed he had been held captive by the United States Armed Forces, but lied, saying that he was rescued by Deathlok.

Record discusses Deathlok with Sunil Bakshi
Turning his consideration in direction of Deathlok, Bakshi reminded List of how HYDRA had funded John Garrett and Venture Deathlok to transform Mike Peterson into the last word killing machine. Bakshi then provided to trade Deathlok for an opportunity to work at Wolfgang von Strucker’s base in Eastern Europe, calling it a sign of fine faith between them. Doctor Listing happily accepted as he was excited by the idea of experimenting on Deathlok’s synthetic enhancements so he could be replicated and mega man shirts supply himself and Baron von Strucker with an army of latest Deathlok Soldiers to combat in opposition to the Avengers.

Listing explains his theories in regards to the Inhumans
Having found himself confident in trusting Bakshi once more, Physician List started to explain to Bakshi his theories on the enhanced individuals based mostly on his experiments and the way to track them, the teleporter was located by his tracking gadgets. List ordered Deathlok and Bakshi to his location so as to find anyone related with him and produce them again for experimentation. After a brief battle involving several enhanced people together with Calvin Zabo, the group were in a position to seize each Lincoln Campbell and Deathlok, although the teleporter managed to flee in the course of the ensuing chaos.[Four]

Assault on the Arctic HYDRA Analysis Facility
Listing and Sunil Bakshi focus on the experiments

Listing took the pair into the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility earlier than he contacted Baron Wolfgang von Strucker to update him on their new situation. List and Sunil Bakshi mentioned their upcoming experiments, with Bakshi noting that while Deathlok’s enhancements had been created by man, the facility of Lincoln Campbell was genetic and within his DNA. When Bakshi repeated Daniel Whitehall’s motto of discovery requires experimentation, each List and Bakshi claimed that they significantly missed Whitehall.

Listing experiments on Deathlok and Campbell
Physician List started the experiments on the pair, eradicating Deathlok’s personal eyeball and cybernetic leg whereas slicing into Campbell’s pores and skin to extract samples of his DNA. Seeing the poor state the pair ended up in after just their first spherical of experimentation, Bakshi famous that he assumed the pair would not survive; As their conversation continued, List casually talked about that Baron von Strucker was keeping Pietro and Wanda Maximoff within Sokovia. Record complained about how he wished the Maximoff twins weren’t their only subjects to outlive the experiments with the Scepter and alien enhancements.

Checklist orders the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship destroyed
Attack on the HYDRA Analysis Base

Listing and Baron von Strucker of their base.
Not lengthy after List returned to the HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia, the base was attacked by the Avengers[6] who, having been given HYDRA’s secret location by Phil Coulson,[5] have been looking now for each the Scepter and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. As the Avengers mega man shirts simply overpowered their HYDRA troopers despite their superior technology, Strucker and Checklist realized that if the Avengers win the battle, their entire work might easily flip to dust.

Checklist attempts to delete all of HYDRA’s recordsdata
Record advised Strucker to ship out Pietro and Wanda Maximoffs in opposition to the Avengers, however Strucker insisted that they were not prepared yet, but Listing observed that they had attacked anyway. When the base’s shields have been destroyed, Strucker ordered his men to proceed fighting earlier than telling Checklist he would surrender. As Listing went to escape, Iron Man flew into the bottom and found Record trying to retrieve all his paperwork. Iron Man shot Checklist with a repulsor ray, killing the HYDRA scientist.[6] News of Record’s dying soon reached the United States of America and precipitated disenchantment within the nonetheless loyal HYDRA operatives.[7]

Like most of HYDRA’s leaders and scientists, Record was fully devoid of morality and ethics. With no problems with performing experiments on human beings, without concern if they died or not, as long as he completed with the experiment what he wanted. He additionally agreed with the deaths of most of his fellow HYDRA heads when he, Sunil Bakshi, and Octavian Bloom have been led to imagine that there was a energy wrestle inside HYDRA’s ranks, not wanting to attend to seek out out who among the many suspected figureheads was actually responsible and who not.

Master Scientist: Doctor Listing is certainly one of HYDRA’s excessive-ranking scientists, working straight underneath Wolfgang von Strucker. List was able to make developments within the weaponry of HYDRA by means of research he did on the Scepter and, when requested by Strucker, was successful in doing human trials which ignited superpowers in Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. List determined to continue the analysis of Daniel Whitehall into the Diviners for creating weapons of mass destruction. He was able to create instruments that would monitor the teleporter Gordon and did experiments on the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Mike Peterson and the Inhuman Lincoln Campbell.


HYDRA Wolfgang von Strucker † – Superior
Daniel Whitehall †
Octavian Bloom †
The Sheikh †
The Baroness †
The Banker †
Sunil Bakshi †
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver †

S.H.I.E.L.D. Phil Coulson
Mike Peterson/Deathlok – Prisoner

Steve Rogers/Captain America
Tony Stark/Iron Man – Killer
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Clint Barton/Hawkeye

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Henry Goodman was uncredited for his look in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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