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Comparing And Contrasting Little Red Riding Hood Tales

Men's Susan Storm Richards Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsBy the end of the lesson the students will have the ability to do a comparison and contrast of two variations of Little Red Riding Hood.

Trainer planning
Time required for lesson

1 hour
Lon Po Po by Ed Younger
– Two circles about the dimensions of a 9-inch paper plate reduce from building paper for every youngster (I like to make use of completely different colours for each circle.)

I have discovered that this lesson works best if I’ve accomplished two earlier lessons. First, I read the traditional version of Little Red Riding Hood. I have the scholars sequence the story and make massive books as a small group exercise. Rey The subsequent day, I read Lon Po Po and do another sequencing exercise, this time having particular person students record occasions so as.

1. Read the story Lon Po Po to your class (if accessible read individually). Show the class a mannequin of a Venn Diagram on the board. Label the circles Lon Po Po and Little Red Riding Hood.
2. Have the students clarify how they think you need to label the realm that both circles (tales) share. Explain to the scholars that a Venn Diagram is a graphic organizer that helps them to check and contrast. Right this moment they will be evaluating and contrasting totally different elements of the variations of Little Red matching batman couple shirts 2017 Riding Hood. Give the scholars a number of examples of particulars from the books (Which ebook had a wolf This element needs to be written within the middle. How many youngsters had been in Little Red Riding Hood This element should be written below Little Red Riding Hood as one little one and Lon Po Po as three children.)
Three. When you feel the students have an understanding of a Venn Diagram, go out two circles to each youngster. Have them overlap so they have a mannequin of a Venn Diagram. Have students paste the circles collectively. Remind the students to label the two circles. Utilizing a black crayon, outline the house shared. (If you’re in need of time, you can prepare the Venn Diagrams previous to the lesson.) Remind the scholars to consider story components when they are evaluating and contrasting.
Four. Permit the students time to complete their particular person Diagrams.

After the scholars have had time to finish their diagrams, have each youngster come up and put one detail in the category Venn Diagram on the board. This is a wonderful alternative matching batman couple shirts 2017 to see in the event that they understand and have appropriately placed particulars. As a comply with- up activity it’s possible you’ll want to have the scholars write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two variations using their Venn Diagram.

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