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100% Cotton TNBA Two Face Batman Forever Short Sleeve Customized Printed On Children's T-shirtHawkeye (Clint Barton) is a fictional character that appears in the Marvel Universe. The character was created by author Stan Lee and artist Don Heck, and first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57 (vol. 1, Sept. 1964).

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Publication historical past
Hawkeye was launched as a reluctant villain in Tales of Suspense #57 (vol. 1, Sep. 1964), and after two more transient appearances in Tales of Suspense #60 and 64 (vol. 1, Dec. 1964 and Apr. 1965), joined the Avengers #sixteen (May 1965). Hawkeye was a perennial member, and has appeared in three volumes. He additionally featured prominently within the West Coast Avengers restricted series – #1-four (September 1984 – December 1984) – earlier than showing in the ongoing title, which ran for 102 issues (together with eight Annuals) from Oct. 1985 – Jan. 1994. The title was renamed “Avengers West Coast” from #forty six (Aug. 1989). Hawkeye also starred concurrently in nearly every concern of Solo Avengers which ran for 40 points from Dec. 1987 – Jan 1991 (the title was renamed Avengers Highlight from #21 (Aug. 1989) ).

Hawkeye also featured in two four-challenge miniseries, revealed in 1983 and 1994 respectively. The first was written by Mark Gruenwald and the second by Chuck Dixon. This was followed by a one-shot publication, Hawkeye: Earth’s Mightiest Marksman (1998), written by Tom DeFalco and penciled by Jeff Johnson. In 2003 there was an try at an ongoing series written by Fabian Nicieza, but the title was cancelled after only eight points.

From 1998, Hawkeye featured significantly in points #20 – 70 of the title Thunderbolts, written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza.

Fictional character biography
Clint Barton was an orphan, and ran away from the orphanage as a pre-teen to affix the circus as a carnival performer, where he was skilled in the usage of the bow and arrow by the Swordsman and Trickshot.Seen in flashback in Solo Avengers #1 – 5 (Dec. 1987 – Apr. 1988) When he discovered that his mentors have been both criminals he rejected them, leading to a beating by Swordsman which left Barton badly injured and hospitalized. Years later, he saw Iron Man in motion, and was inspired and decided to turn into a costumed hero referred to as Hawkeye. There’s a misunderstanding on Hawkeye’s first outing and he is believed to be a criminal, accused of theft.

On the run, the naive Hawkeye meets the Black Widow, a spy for the Soviet Union, whom he falls in love with. She tricks him into serving to her to steal expertise developed by Tony Stark, Iron Man’s alter ego. After a number of battles with Iron Man — who defeats the pair on every occasion — the Black Widow is injured and Hawkeye flees with her, deciding to go “straight” from then on. Tales of Suspense #57 (vol. 1, 1964), #60 + sixty four (vol. 1, Dec. 1964 and Apr. 1965) Hawkeye later “applies” for membership within the superhero staff the Avengers, by breaking into the Avengers Mansion and binding and gagging the crew’s butler, Edwin Jarvis. Hawkeye is accepted, and together with chief Captain America and mutant siblings Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch grow to be the new staff when the unique members take a depart of absence.Avengers #sixteen (vol. 1, Might 1965)

Avenging Archer and Large
Hawkeye remains a relentless within the team for a few years, and when his bow breaks at a crucial second decides to use Pym particles to develop into the second Goliath.Avengers #sixty three (vol. 1, Apr. 1969) During this time, Barton suffers a private setback as his brother Barney is killed by the villain Egghead, who Goliath brings to justice. Avengers #sixty four-65 (vol. 1, Might – Apr 1969) On the conclusion of the Kree-Skrull Struggle Barton resumes the identification of Hawkeye in a brand new costume, and after a rift with team-mate the Imaginative and prescient over the affections of the Scarlet Witch, he resumes his outdated costume and resigns from the staff. Avengers #109 (vol. 1, Mar. 1973) On a whim Hawkeye returns to the Black Widow and briefly battles her present love, Daredevil. Daredevil #ninety nine (vol. 1, May 1973) Hawkeye then assists the Hulk in opposition to the monster Zzzax,Hulk #166 (vol. 1, Aug. 1973) after which follows the Hulk back to the mansion of Physician Unusual, the place after a skirmish Hawkeye joins the “non-staff” the Defenders for a brief period. Defenders #7 – 10 (vol. 1, Aug. – Nov. 1973)

Hawkeye then drifts for a time, returning briefly to the Avengers to attend the wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Big-Size Avengers #four (Jun. 1975) Together with the 2-Gun Kid and Ghost Rider, Hawkeye defeats the monster the Manticore Ghost Rider #27 (vol. 1, Dec. 1977) before returning to the Avengers to assist when members of the crew begin to mysteriously disappear. Avengers #172 (vol. 1, Jun. 1978) The remaining Avengers discover it to be the work of the Elder of the Universe the Collector. After his crew-mates are defeated, Hawkeye single-handedly defeats the Collector,Avengers #174 vol. 1, marvel deadpool shirt 15 (Aug. 1978) and joins the team for the final battle towards Korvac. Avengers #175 – 177 (vol. 1, Sep – Nov 1978) Quickly after this Hawkeye battles and defeats the villainess Deathbird. Hawkeye’s victory is dashed when the Avengers new authorities liaison Henry Gyrich, limits the roster and replaces him with the Falcon, in an try to make the workforce extra “politically acceptable”.Avengers #189 (vol. 1, Nov. 1979) Hawkeye returns to Avengers mansion a number of months later for a brief go to “induced” by the heroine Moondragon Avengers #211 (vol.1, Sep. 1981) earlier than then rejoining for a sustained period. Avengers #222 (vol. 1, Jul. 1982) It is at the moment that Hawkeye inadvertently avenges the demise of his brother. The villain Egghead, having been uncovered for framing Henry Pym, makes an attempt to shoot Pym however Hawkeye jams the barrel of the weapon with an arrow. The weapon is an power pistol and explodes, killing Egghead immediately. Avengers #229 (vol. 1, Mar. 1983)

Hawkeye then meets former SHIELD agent Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, codenamed Mockingbird. She is investigating the corporate Cross Technological Enterprises, who employ Hawkeye as a safety marketing consultant. The corporate is revealed to owned by the villain Crossfire, who plans to make use of an aggression-inducing sonic wave against all of recent York’s superheroes. Hawkeye quits Cross Technological Enterprises, and with Mockingbird defeats Crossfire. Hawkeye suffers marginal listening to loss during this encounter and is forced to put on a listening to aid. The pair fall in love and elope quickly after. Hawkeye #1 – 4 (Sep. – Dec (1983)

At the course of then-Avengers chair Vision, Hawkeye and Mockingbird set up the group the West Coast Avengers, though their differing approaches strains their marriage. An adventure via time is important and brings adjustments as Hawkeye forges the weapons that the modern hero Moon Knight will finally use, West Coast Avengers #21 (Jun. 1987) and Mockingbird permits the Previous West hero the Phantom Rider to die. When Hawkeye discovers this, he breaks off their relationship. West Coast Avengers #23 (Aug. 1987) + 41 (Feb. 1989) Hawkeye then encounters and battles his outdated mentor, Trickshot Solo Avengers #5 (Apr. 1988) and meets and inadvertently encourages a gaggle of minor heroes to form the good Lakes Avengers.Avengers West Coast #forty six (Jul. 1989) Along with Mockingbird and Trickshot, Hawkeye battles a lot of minor villains Avengers Highlight #22-25 (Sep. – Dec. 1989) after which redesigns his costume after being shot by a criminal and battles Los Angeles avenue gangs. Avengers Spotlight #30-35 (May – Oct. 1990)

Hawkeye and Mockingbird reconcile, but quickly after the robot Ultron kidnaps Mockingbird and copies her mind patterns to create a “spouse” — Alkhema (also known as “Conflict Toy”).Avengers West Coast #88 – 91 (Dec. 1992 – Feb. 1993) Although Mockingbird is rescued, she is killed soon afterwards by the demon Mephisto.Avengers West Coast #100 (Nov. 1993) Embittered by Mockingbird’s dying, Hawkeye leaves the staff (disbanded virtually immediately afterwards)Avengers West Coast #102 (Jan. 1994) and drifts until compelled to stop the villain Viper and outdated mentor Trick Shot.Hawkeye #1 – 4 (Jan. – Apr. 1994) Hawkeye then returns to the Avengers Avengers #397 (vol. 1, Apr. 1996) just previous to the battle with the entity Onslaught, wherein the Avengers (including Hawkeye) are apparently killed.Avengers #402 (vol. 1, Sep. 1996) Franklin Richards, nevertheless, transported all of them to a pocket dimension where the heroes led altered lives. Heroes Reborn: Avengers #1 (Nov. 1996) After a number of months, the heroes discovered the truth they usually had been returned to the mainstream universe. Hawkeye’s listening to was absolutely restored as, when Franklin Richards re-created the heroes in the new universe, he based them on how he remembered them (Therefore also restoring Tony Stark to adulthood following his alternative by “Teen Tony” from an alternate timeline. Heroes Reborn: The Return # 1 – 4 (Nov. 1997 – Feb 1998)

Thunderbolts, Loss of life and Home of M
Hawkeye then rejoins the Avengers, and after several adventures resigns to assume leadership of the first era of the Thunderbolts, who’ve broken away from the affect of Baron Helmut Zemo. Avengers #12 (vol. 3, Jan. 1999) Hawkeye trains the workforce within the fashion of former group-mate Captain America, and shapes the team right into a cohesive combating unit. There are two vital events for Hawkeye during this interval. The first includes entering Hell and battling the demon Mephisto to try and save the soul of his deceased wife, Mockingbird. Hawkeye, nevertheless, rescues Patsy Walker, but fails to see Mockingbird. Thunderbolts Annual 2000 This event provides Hawkeye some closure and he begins a romantic relationship together with his Thunderbolt teammate, Moonstone.Thunderbolts #30 (Sep. 1997)

The crew reforms after a collection of battles with another model of the Masters of Evil, and Hawkeye finally leaves the crew, relinquishing leadership to a moderately reformed Doctor_Doom Baron Zemo. Thunderbolts #seventy five (Feb. 2003) Hawkeye joins the Avengers as soon as more, and has a short romantic relationship with workforce member the Wasp. Hawkeye eventually dies through the chaos caused by the breakdown of the Scarlet Witch, sacrificing himself to destroy a Kree spaceship and save his team mates. Avengers #489 – #503 (vol. Three, Oct. 2003 -Nov. 2004)

When the Scarlet Witch inadvertently alters actuality, Hawkeye is resurrected with no reminiscence of previous occasions. During this time, Hawkeye joins a Human Resistance operated by Luke Cage and was married to Mockingbird.House of M: Avengers #2 – 5 When a young mutant named Layla Miller gives a number of heroes – including Hawkeye – the ability to remember, he’s horrified at the Scarlet Witch’s actions. Hawkeye shoots Wanda within the again with an arrow, and in retaliation one of her recreated youngsters wipes him from existence. The Scarlet Witch’s reality is undone soon after, and though Hawkeye is still presumed lifeless, the newly-formed New Avengers discover his bow and arrows on the site of the outdated Avengers Mansion, pinning up an article about his death.House of M #1 – eight (Jun. 2005 – Jan. 2006) In a bizarre twist, Hawkeye is later plucked from time by the point Variance Authority to serve as a juror in a case involving former Avengers group-mate She-Hulk. Hawkeye takes the chance to combat crime – not realizing everybody considers him lifeless. She-Hulk tries unsuccessfully to warn Hawkeye as to his future. She-Hulk #2 (vol. 3 2004)

Unknown to the new Avengers, Hawkeye was resurrected once actuality was restored, and seeks out Dr. Strange, who gives Hawkeye shelter whereas he comes to phrases with his new life. On the advice of Dr. Strange, Hawkeye marvel deadpool shirt 15 ultimately travels to Wundagore Mountain and finds the Scarlet Witch residing a traditional life with no memory of her previous and apparently without mutant abilities. The 2 turn out to be intimate and Hawkeye then leaves Wanda to her regular life. New Avengers #26 (Jan. 2007)

As soon as Hawkeye discovers that Captain America has apparently been killed, he confronts Tony Stark, who affords him Captain America’s shield and costume. As Iron Man, Stark accompanies Barton — now dressed as Captain America — on patrol. They meet the brand new Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, defeating the supervillain Firebrand. Barton confronts Bishop about her assumption of the Hawkeye mantle. Unaware of his true id, Bishop berates Barton and states that she adopted Hawkeye’s title to honor him, and that if Hawkeye were alive, she would adopt one other name. She additionally affirms that the “actual” Captain America gave her the identify Hawkeye as a tribute to his useless buddy. Bishop’s words persuade Barton to return the shield and costume to Stark, and condemn him for his position in the Civil Struggle.Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #three (2007

Barton returns to talk with Dr. Strange, and to guard himself from recognition adopts the identification of Ronin and joins the brand new Avengers. As Ronin, he accompanies the crew on a journey to Japan to rescue the heroine Echo.New Avengers #30 (Might 2007) Echo – the original Ronin – later gives Barton her blessing to adopt her old identification. New Avengers #33 (Aug. 2007)After Echo is attacked by a Skrull impersonating Daredevil, Clint admits to being attracted to her, and they start a relationship.

While Hawkeye has no superhuman powers (with the exception of the interval when using Pym particles to become Goliath), he’s a peak-athlete and tactician. He is an professional archer, a extremely trained acrobat and aerialist, and was skilled by Captain America in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Hawkeye excels in the use of the bow and arrow and carries a quiver containing a number of personalized, “trick-arrows” that use sonics, fuel, explosives and flares among others. In his new position as Ronin, Barton reveals great proficiency with the katana and other Japanese weapons.

Kate Bishop
See Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Different variations
Marvel MAX

Along with the Falcon, Hawkeye aids Captain America, with a serious difference being that none of them wear costumes and deal with each other by their real names. U.S. Struggle Machine #eight (2001)

Marvel Zombies
Hawkeye is one in every of the primary heroes to be contaminated and “zombified”, though he survives as a head many years after the outbreak. Ultimate Unbelievable 4 #22 (2005) + Marvel Zombies 2 #1 (2007

Final Hawkeye
In the final word Marvel Universe, Ultimate Hawkeye is a member of the last word model of the Avengers, the Ultimates, the place he was introduced as the associate of the final word model of the Black Widow. Ultimates #7 (2003) The ultimate version of Hawkeye has a practically superhuman-stage of accuracy and velocity and can flip any object into a precisely-aimed deadly projectile (just like the Earth-616 villain Bullseye). In his newest appearance, Hawkeye is suffering from extreme depression due to the loss of his spouse and children throughout the nation-huge assault by the Liberators. He has also stopped using his trademark bow and arrows as weapons, as an alternative utilizing a pair of hand guns with scopes, which he still uses with deadly accuracy.

In different media
Hawkeye is about to be one of the properties that Marvel Studios will produce as a movie.

– Hawkeye appeared recurrently in the animated programs Avengers (voiced by Tony Daniels) and Iron Man (voiced by John Reilly).

Hawkeye is a playable character in Spider-Man: The Video Game
Hawkeye appears in the video game Captain America and the Avengers
Hawkeye additionally appears within the video game Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety on the SNES/Sega Genesis.
Hawkeye seems in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Portable variations of the video recreation Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by Nolan North.

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