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Two New Injustice Videos Showcase Aquaman, Green Lantern

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Oh Matt Bertz. Aquaman’s always been cool. For SOME purpose, the public is just really, actually stupid. Their thought of Aquaman is painted completely by the horrid Super Buddies cartoon, where everyone was a doofus. I have no idea why – does anyone consider cheesy 60’s Adam West once they think of Batman still No, so why nonetheless do that for Aquaman The guy’s THE KING OF ATLANTIS. He commands a massive army and each beast in the ocean (which we see here in Injsutice very nicely). He is regal and yet still very badass. It’s actually very just like how Thor was in the movie… and even a bit Video games of Thrones-ian. He isn’t so much a superhero in that he is out and about on the town stopping muggers all the time (which lana del rey lyrics shirt number can be ridiculous). He is busy with the matters of defending Men’s Desgin Spiderman vs Batman Beyond Short Sleeve T-Shirt his kingdom. But when that doesn’t work, simply watch a couple of episodes of Batman: Brave & the Bold with Aquaman. lana del rey lyrics shirt number He is voiced by John Dimaggio in that – it’s possible you’ll know him higher as Marcus Fenix, Jake the Canine or Bender. He’s undoubtedly the most fun, most energetic version of Aquaman ever. Completely likeable. If you are not on “Team Aquaman” after watching this, it’s hopeless.

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