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How Did Jack Nicholson Prepare To Play The Joker In The 1989 Model Of Batman

I recall an interview Michael Keaton did in 1990 or thereabouts; through junk food wonder woman shirt 720 which he recalled meeting Jack early one morning at the studio throughout filming when they both started the day with an intensive make-up session. Nicholson was reading a paper and glanced over to Keaton and said one thing like; “nicely kid, it is time to go junk food wonder woman shirt 720 work the fits”.

I feel Jack Nicholson was playing Jack Nicholson playing the Joker.
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Discovered the original 1989 Letterman spot. The actual quote is: “We simply gotta let the wardrobe do the appearing, Kid”. Work the fits certainly. If you want to FF to the exact quote, it is at about 3:30.

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