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Death BATTLE Wiki

Thor Odinson is the god of thunder and a superhero from Marvel Comics. He appeared in the twenty first episode of Demise Battle, Thor VS Raiden, where he went into battle in opposition to Mortal Kombat’s thunder god Raiden. He returned for the 84th episode, Thor VS Marvel Lady, where he fought another returning combatant, Surprise Girl from DC Comics. In Thor VS Marvel Woman, he was voiced by Jonah Scott.

New Design Cotton Casual reverse flash dc comics Children's T-shirtThor Odinson is the god of thunder from Asgard and is the son of the All-Father Odin. In order to show his son humility, Odin briefly banished Thor to Earth in a human physique by the name of Donald Blake. After regaining his powers, Thor devoted most of his time to defending the citizens of Earth, and ultimately based the famous superhero staff identified as the Avengers with Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Wasp. He would battle many occasions along with his arch-nemesis, his adoptive brother Loki.

Death Battle Info (Thor VS Raiden)

– Actual Title: Thor Odinson the Mighty
– Height: 6’6″

– Weight: 640 lbs.
– Secret Id: Dr. Donald Blake

– Skilled Surgeon & Medic
– Guardian of Midgard A.Okay.A. Earth

– Superiority Complicated
Superhuman Talents:

– Tremendous Strength
– Supersonic Speeds

– Self Sustenance
– Inexhaustible Stamina

– Nigh-Invulnerability
– Super Breath

– Immunity to Ailments

– Bound to Thor
– Actually means ‘Crusher’

– Cast from a Starcore
– Momentum Primarily based Flight

– Unbreakable
– Anti-Drive Energy Blasts

– God Blast (Summons his power into a beam able to slaying immortals)
Meging Jord:

– Nordic Title: Meging Jord
– Belt of Strength

– Doubles Thor’s Physique
Godly Powers:

– Weather Manipulation
– Wind-Powered Flight

– Earthquake Control
– Immortality

– Warrior’s Madness Berserk State
– Healing Powers

– Grasp Marksman

– High Flight Speed: Mach 32
– Martial Arts Mastery (Viking, Celtic, Saxon, German, & American combating styles)

– Overpowered the Hulk
– Can Destroy Adamantium

– Escaped a Black Gap
– Strongest Asgardian, apart Odin

Dying Battle Data (Thor VS Wonder Lady)
Actual title: Thor Odinson
Aliases: God of Thunder, Donald Blake
Top: 6’6″ | 1.98 m
Weight: 640 lbs | 290 kg
Asgardian Prince
Son of Odin & Gaea
Has 2 pet goats named Toothgnasher & Toothgrinder
Was as soon as turned into a frog

Tremendous Strength
Tremendous Speed
Close to Invulnerability
Healing Factor
Earth Manipulation
Warrior’s Madness
All-Tongue – Can be understood universally

Mjolnir – Weather Manipulation
Vitality Projection
Vitality Absorption
Returns to wielder when thrown

– Doubles Thor’s strength

Lifted the Midgard Serpent
Tagged Quicksilver
KO’d the Phoenix Force
Shattered planets
Survived a planet busting bomb
Endured 17 days of torture
Destroyed a helicopter whereas depowered
Defeated Juggernaut, Silver Surfer, Iron Man & Hulk

Compared to Raiden
– Stronger, Tougher, & Sooner

– Immune to Electricity
– Does not solely depend on electrical attacks

– Mjolnir is ridiculously highly effective
– Arrogance solely extended the battle
– Constantly defeats Loki, who is intelligent like Raiden

Smarter, but much weaker
Immune to Electricity
Extra Preventing joker jared leto t shirt mens Expertise
Less Excessive Survival Experience
Relies on electrical assaults, which had been useless

Loss of life Battle Quotes
Stand down wayward maiden. This type of factor never turns out effectively for girls like your self.
You’re a god!
Mighty Twister!
Have at thee!
Really feel heaven’s wrath!
By no means shall the God of Thunder relent!
I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you useless!

Demise Battle Auditions
Animators who wanted to audition for Death Battle had to create a brief fight between Thor and Kratos from God of Struggle. All of the fights ended with Thor decapitating Kratos with Mjolnir.

One Minute Melee
Thor had a cameo in the Goku VS Sonic One Minute Melee episode, the place he and the other Avengers tried to fight Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Not like the opposite combatants, Thor is not defeated by Goku, however relatively by accident knocked out by Hulk when Goku evades his and Hulk’s ambush.

He later appeared in a Bonus Episode, the place he battled Vegeta and misplaced.
– Thor joker jared leto t shirt mens is the second Marvel Comics character in Demise Battle. – Thor is the first Marvel character with a non-DC comics opponent, with the subsequent six being Beast, Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain Marvel and Silver Samurai. – He is also the primary to defeat a non-DC opponent, with the second being Doctor Doom.

He is the second Loss of life Battle winner that misplaced in his second appearance, the primary one being Metallic Sonic.
He is the second Marvel character to return, after Deadpool and just like the latter Thor confronted a male opponent in his first battle and a female in his second.
He and his second opponent are the fifth and sixth combatants to have each 2D sprites and 3D models, after Boba Fett, Samus Aran, Charizard and Deadpool.

– Thor is the 13th male to face off against a feminine in Demise BATTLE!the first 12 have been Boba Fett, Yoshi, Justin Bieber, Starscream, Gaara, Dante, The Meta, The Scout, Roronoa Zoro, Deadpool, Nathan Drake and Lucario. – Thor is the seventh male combatant to lose to a feminine combatant, with the earlier 6 being Boba Fett, Starscream, Gaara, The Meta, The Scout and Nathan Drake.

Thor’s energy has not often, however somewhat has been depicted as having no real limitation, much like He-Man and Superman. This makes him one of many strongest combatants ever on the present.
Some tales of Thor have Mjolnir really weigh 42 pounds. Nevertheless because of the godly Odin Force within Mjolnir, it has the properties of an indestructible and abnormally dense weapon. It continues to be very doable for Thor to cut up someone in half even with this misconception.
Thor’s sprite was constructed off of Thor’s assist character sprite from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Tremendous Heroes.
Thor was talked about in Godzilla VS Gamera, in the place Boomstick explains Godzilla matching Thor’s power is a part of the rationale he received in opposition to Gamera.

– Thor (Marvel Comics) on Wikipedia
– Thor on Marvel Universe Wiki
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