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A narrative Of Serial Startups

For some time now, it seems like the CW’s Quickest Man Alive has been The Dumbest Superhero Alive, having selfishly rewritten time to serve his own needs and screwing up the lives of just about everybody within the DC/CW universe in the method. But now, Barry may lastly have discovered from his mistakes.

Men's Iron Fist Portrait Cotton Long Sleeve Tee ShirtThere was a variety of love concerning the second episode of Flash’s third season: there was the Flash /Vibe group-up at the tip, where Cisco used his vibe powers to throw the jason momoa aquaman shirt zoo Rival into Barry’s jason momoa aquaman shirt zoo speeding fist; there was the arrival of Tom Felton as Julian Dorn, the delightfully acerbic co-CSI and full-time Barry Allen hater; and then there was the discovery of among the changes that remained within the timeline after Barry’s Flashpoint nonsense and Reverse-Flash’s subsequent “fix.”

But the real joy of the episode is that Jay Garrick stops by and tells Barry knock off all that goddamned time journey.

After realizing that Joe and Iris don’t converse and Cisco hates him because he won’t journey again in time to save lots of his brother, who was killed in a automotive accident, Barry decides to return in time once more to attempt to reset the timeline again, because it’s been understanding so properly for him thus far. That’s when Jay shows up and mainly punches him into the ‘90s. (It includes a espresso mug. You can watch it above.) Barry’s petulance at being lectured is incredibly irritating, particularly when everyone knows he wants it, but at the tip he seems to have genuinely declared he will now not go back in time, thus preventing extra alternate actuality shenanigans and fixing the show’s largest plot hole.

Yeah, I know, Barry really learned this lesson in season two, and subsequently forgot it in time for the finale. However the episode goes out of its option to make this as declarative an announcement as possible, with Barry even admitting his horrible, egocentric act to the SuperSTARS (above, and boy is Cisco pissed). The truth that he has additionally created a new wave of metahumans to fight—or quite, he’s allowed the mysterious new villain Dr. Alchemy to “rebirth” unhealthy guys who existed in the Flashpoint timeline Barry created—will underscore Barry’s guilt and his choice for the rest of the season. (Turns out Barry someway erased Diggle’s daughter from existence, although she was changed with an older boy.) If there are different changes even half as delightful as Julian continually giving Barry Allen shit, this may occasionally well be the best of all doable timelines.

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