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Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – Illustrated Reference

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sendingAuthorSteve Lensman 5 years ago from London, England
Thank you Mary, your remark and kind phrases are most appreciated.

That is one film sequence that may probably never be remade or rebooted, not in our lifetimes anyway. And why should they when there’s a wealth of new stories that they’ll tell within the Star Wars universe

Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York
One more wonderful hub. I love the photographs you used and the quotes you added throughout. You actually present a wealth of information on an amazing movie.

Your complete saga will never be equaled. Nothing will ever contact young and previous with such imagination and heart as Star Wars.

Voted up and interesting.
Thanks for commenting rabbit75, always appreciated.

I agree, that first Star Wars trilogy is one of the best trilogies ever made. Just because its area opera would not make it less important than a trilogy of gangster movies, love stories or western films.

The primary Star Wars film did embrace Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness, they are fairly good actors. Hamill and Fisher have been still novices in films at the time. Hamill found his calling as a voice artist in animation.

rabbit75 5 years in the past
The Empire has to be my favorite from the primary Star Wars Trilogy, solely because the performing in the first Star Wars (with the exception of Harrison Ford) was ubber terrible.

In Empire the appearing obtained slightly better and by Jedi the forged really appeared to home in on the characters. I additionally like Empire better than Jedi as a result of it was one in every of the first film EVER where the dangerous guys come out on prime all the way until the end.

I assumed that was cool, and gave the collection the wanted drama. Great lens as at all times Steve. I loved being brought again to reminiscence lane with the Empire Strikes Again.

The primary Star Wars trilogy is totally one of many few trilogies wherein each film stacks up with one another. One of the best, if not the most effective, traditional trilogies in film…ever!

Hello Bruce, good to see you again, thanks for the comment, votes, variety words and anecdote, a lot appreciated.

I watched the trilogy a couple of weeks in the past which acquired me in the temper to provide these hubs. Good to read youngsters still take pleasure in these movies, they’ve develop into beloved fantasy classics like the Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins, if only Lucas would stop messing about with them.

I’m just ending off Episode VI, should be ready in a few hours. 300 pictures and screenshots to sift by way of.

Thanks for posting amigo.
Initially….an awesome hub on a superior movie. Secondly…wow do I have some vivid reminiscences of this film. I was 10 when Star Wars blew me away in 1977. I could not wait until Empire opened in 1980. Wow was I mad when the movie ended with Luke dropping his hand, Han being left in a frozen state and the Dark Facet profitable. I couldn’t believe that I might have to attend incredible shirt another three years for the following chapter….as an adult I’ve come to appreciate the genius of ending the film the best way Lucas did…probably the best cliffhanger ever.

Sadly it appears that evidently by the time Jedi got here out, I had gone from a open-eyed 10 12 months previous to a 16 yr with a license who thought Jedi was simply another Muppet film. For my money parts 1(Star Wars) and 2(Empire) are the better of the bunch. Numerous nice pieces of trivia and as all the time get photographs….your final two hubs have me thinking I should rewatch them but again. My 5 12 months old loves the Star Wars movies, so she is always asking to watch one of the films. Wanting forward to Jedi….thanks for an additional profitable film hub series….voted up voted awesome voted fascinating. Job nicely finished.

Thanks for that little bit of info Flora. All I knew about Lady Sings the Blues was that Diana Ross performed Billie Holiday.

Concerning BDW-I didn’t necessarily imply his music career was within the movies. It wasn’t, though you possibly can see him singing in the video “Voices That Care.” He sings jazz when he sings.

Nevertheless, he was in some musical movies where he himself wasn’t singing. The biggest example of that is Lady Sings The Blues about Billie Holliday. He didn’t sing, however ther was singing in it, so in fact I’ve seen it… 🙂

Thanks for the comment, information and preferences Flora, at all times appreciated.
I did not know Billy Dee Williams was a singer, I’ve solely seen him in Empire, Jedi, Batman and Nighthawks.

Never been a lot of a Muppet fan, Yoda is about the one muppet I can watch with out switching channels. 🙂

I might do a celebrity snapshot hub in the close to future and post candid photographs of stars outdated and new, together with more from Star Wars.

That Kastel poster is a fan favourite, they call it the ‘Gone With the Wind’ poster. 🙂
Thanks for posting.

I’ve just left a remark on your episode IV hub due to a fellow costar of Mr. Cushing. It was one of the best place to place it in your list of hubs on your profile page.

Looking on the actors in this episode V movie I’ve yet to discuss on your and Cogerson’s hubs, I see a couple names that curiosity me: Billie Dee Williams and incredible shirt Frank Oz.

Williams I know extra of a singer than as an actor. The movies of his that I’ve seen are associated to music, and he had some music hits when I was rising up.

Frank Oz is very important to my childhood due to The Muppets. I really like The Muppets and sesame avenue as they Used to be. Not as they are now.

I have additionally seen Oz’s films you point out: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, What About Bob and Death at a Funeral.

I see there are extra cast members still alive than are lifeless. Good to listen to since this was made in my lifetime.

I notice there’s a Bond link within the actor who played Fett in addition to a Monty Python hyperlink wit hthe actor who played Veers.

My favorite images are the behind the scenes pictures, specifically Oz working Yoda in a color photograph.

My favorite poster is the montage poster by Kastel next to the critics feedback.
Thanks alung12, recognize the remark. The Empire Strikes Again is probably the very best film of 1980, I am unable to even remember every other 1980 films… um Heaven’s Gate

alung12 5 years ago
I need to remark, I am a massive fan of Star wars and The Empire Strikes Again is certainly one of greatest films from 1980 Iv’e seen together with Stand By Me.

Hello Flora, thanks for commenting. Sure Luke and Leia kissing was fascinating after the revelation in the following movie. Poor Luke positive had the hots for her too, oh nicely. 🙂

Thanks for popping in, take care, take pleasure in your weekend.
Hi, Steve. I’ve a meeting in half-hour, so I cannot take the time to read this now. However I wanted to cease by and say I’m glad that is printed and I’ll read it this weekend intimately. Again, I shall be focusing on the artwork only in addition to speaking about my familiarity with the actors. Sadly, I know all of the spoilers already even though I have yet to see the movie. Rats. (If you aren’t certain which “secret” plot line I imply I know already , I referring to the reason why the photo of Luke and Leia kissing holds some irony, shall we say…)

Thanks DS Duby, appreciate the comment and vote. 🙂
DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

Nice article a bit of lengthy winded but in any other case very interesting. I give it an superior thumbs up.

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