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Meltdown And Duststorm Roll Out Into Transformers Universe

The first two troopers in Transformers Universe have been revealed, along with a glimpse of how her joker t shirt logo the game will truly play. Meltdown and Duststorm are the brand new entrants, with Meltdown representing the Autobots and Duststorm arriving with the Decepticons.

Meltdown is a medical sort of ‘bot, not dissimilar from Ratchet, sporting heavy weaponry together with a specialised repair beam for staff assist. He can repel enemies, fortify himself whereas attacking, and enhance allies after a quick shot of repairs.

By contrast, Duststorm is something of a vampiric sniper. Green_Arrow She sports activities long-vary weapons that can depart bombs, stun targets, or tear by way of shields, absorbing the vitality of enemies that she demolishes. In desperate conditions, she can even speed up projectiles her joker t shirt logo in close-vary engagements to take out approaching foes. Try the videos for each robots just past the break, displaying off their abilities in action in addition to a glimpse of the sport’s battlefields.

[Source: Jagex press launch]

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