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Where Is Deathstroke, And What Happened To Superman’s Face

It’s a darkish week for DC followers, who had been clinging on to the hopes that Justice League may grey superman t shirt not be the whole catastrophe it seemed perpetually destined to be. But as the dust settles on yet one more model misfire, audiences will likely be left with a number of lingering questions relating to the film’s numerous revelations and plot twists.

Women's a wonder woman costume Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtBeing DC, it stays a question mark as grey superman t shirt to whether or not most of the hints and cameos scattered by way of Justice League will repay in any actual manner, particularly in gentle of a mandate suggesting a future universe extra driven by standalone stories than Marvel-aping crossovers.

However until then, here’s every part you’ll want to know about Justice League’s greatest shockers.
The submit-credit sequence hints on the Injustice League

After the top credits have rolled, we learn that Lex Luthor (performed by Jesse Eisenberg) has escaped Arkham Asylum and is currently travelling the seas on a Darth_Vader luxury yacht. Right here he greets the mercenary and assassin Deathstroke and informs him that he want to recruit him for a “league of our own”.

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