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Checklist Of Houses, Apartments, Villas And Land For sale On Hydra Island, Greece

Property for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra… Please browse and contact us in the event you see something you like!

These pages embrace a complete, up to date listing of the apartments, villas, traditional homes and plots of land at present for sale on the island of Hydra.

We are continuously discovering new properties, so please tell us if you don’t see what you are on the lookout for. Let us know your necessities – finances, location (close to the sea, in city, secluded and many others), the kind of property you require…

Frightened about shopping for abroad Read our information to buying in Greece which should answer most questions.
Kala Pigadia Renovated Home 2 bedrooms

A two storey home in the Kala Pigadia area of Hydra Town, lately renovated (2006).
Hydra Town Renovation Venture 2 bedrooms

A extremely attention-grabbing, conventional island house in want of renovation. With NO steps, and a personal backyard with lemon tree…

Villa Nefeli three bedrooms
A beautiful Hydriot villa built of stone in the traditional manner with fashionable interiors, offering views over Hydra town, Kamini and the sea.

Stone Home 3 bedrooms
€ 1,550,000.00

A lovingly-restored 18th-century aristocratic mansion set atop a hillside instantly overlooking the quaint Hydra harbour

House by the Wells 2 bedrooms
A conventional Hydriot house in Kala Pigadia, just a few metres from the wells which are a well known landmark, and one of the few sources of water on Hydra.

Parisis Home 1 bedroom
€ 170,000.00

A small however attractive village style home within the Kiafa region of Hydra town.
Kamini Spitaki three bedrooms

Close to the port, no steps, beautifully renovated…
The Actors House 3 bedrooms

An excellent sized house near to Four Corners on Hydra in excellent situation – move in tomorrow.
Villa Omorfia and Guest Home 7 bedrooms

€ 1,350,000.00
Two substantial house, one not too long ago remodelled, with great views, simply up from Four Corners.

Pine Tree Home 2 bedrooms
Impeccably completed and presented, the Pine Tree house is absolutely one of the best villas at the moment on the market on the island.

Two Houses Above the Port four bedrooms
€ 420,000.00

An interesting property consisting of two buildings, one in all which is green lantern workout shirt usa renovated.
Kamini Paradise 2 bedrooms

A traditional home in an amazing position!
Kriezi Mansion 6 bedrooms

One of the few Archontika accessible on the market on Hydra Island. Archontiko is Greek for mansion, and the time period refers to the grand cut-stone homes that were constructed by the sea captains within the nineteenth century.

Massive Unfinished House 6 bedrooms
An unfinished home in Vlichos, very close to the sea.

The Priests House 2 bedrooms
A extremely unique, strong Hydra house with a big garden and sea views…

The Artists House four bedrooms
A really distinctive and attention-grabbing house near four Corners.

Kikis Home 3 bedrooms
A conventional house with sea views, in need to renovation

Villa Jason 2 bedrooms
€ 449,000.00

A standard two mattress roomed house above the port with great exterior areas and lovely sea views…
The Sponge Divers House 6 bedrooms

A lovely traditional Hydra island house in a superb position in Hydra city, close to the port.
€ 440,000.00

A gorgeous house with two bedrooms and a private terrace with sea views.
Four Corners Traditional Home 2 bedrooms

A two storey home, near Four Corners and Agios Antonis. With a lot of original features, this is a good traditional house.

Mandraki Sea House 2 bedrooms
€ 500,000.00

A two bedroomed home very close to the sea in Mandraki.
Agios Nikolaos Land

A constructing plot with nice views, near the church green lantern workout shirt usa of Agios Nikolaos
Kamini Apartments 5 bedrooms

An excellent sized house in Kamini, at the moment divided into three apartments.
Kala Pigadia Land

€ 50,000.00
A piece of land for constructing in Kala Pigadia, with nice views

Kiaffa Smash
€ one hundred ten,000.00

A ruined house with nice views…
Villa Melina 2 bedrooms

€ 550,000.00
A lovely conventional house near 4 Corners with a beautiful garden.

Palamidas Constructing Challenge 2 bedrooms
A house in 9000 m2 at a sophisticated stage of construction

House of Colours three bedrooms
A really lovely house that embodies all of the character of a traditional Hydriot Spiti.

Matia Mou 3 bedrooms
An immaculately offered conventional Hydriot home with pool and superb views of the town and the port.

Christos House four bedrooms
Built with the identical square minimize stone as the grand Hydriot mansions, but on a barely more modest scale, that is an imposing historic home set in large grounds.

Inexperienced Shutters three bedrooms
A traditional home in want of some updating…

1620 3 bedrooms
€ 800,000.00

A stunning historic house built in 1620
Pine Tree house three bedrooms

€ 900,000.00
A standard home set in a personal walled garden with a big pine tree …

Building plot near the port
€ 970,000.00

A big constructing plot close to the port
Four Corners House 2 bedrooms

€ 300,000.00
A really well offered green lantern workout shirt usa condominium with two bedrooms close to Four Corners

Land with Planning Permission in Place
€ 130,000.00

A great sized plot of land with planning permission in place and a quantity of stone for building.
Yellow Home 2 bedrooms

€ 680,000.00
A traditional island house close to the port, no steps.

Palamidas Home 1 bedroom
€ 280,000.00

A lovely two-roomed house tucked away among the many pine bushes on the gorgeous island of Hydra.
4 Corners Renovation Undertaking three bedrooms

€ 450,000.00
A home on two floors very near 4 corners, in need of renovation.

Kamini Little Condo 2 bedrooms
€ 220,000.00

A compact two bed roomed residence in Kamini with not many steps.
Kamini Rock Apartment 2 bedrooms

€ 370,000.00
Fashionable open plan condo with attention-grabbing options.

Hydra Port Building Land
€ 600,000.00

Presumably the last obtainable constructing plot this close to Hydra port
Kritami Bay Agios Nikolas

€ 2,500,000.00
A huge piece of land to the East of Hydra town, with scope for improvement

18th Century Hydra Mansion 5 bedrooms
€ four,500,000.00

A stunning 18th century mansion in Hydra city, simply a short stroll from the port.
Villa Sunset three bedrooms

€ 650,000.00
A really well presented home with pool and one of the best views on Hydra, near the port.

Mandraki Home 4 bedrooms
€ 950,000.00

A very traditional house with an old-world really feel.
Garden Home 1 bedroom

A lovely, nicely presented house with views of the port and a personal backyard.
Port Condominium 3 bedrooms

€ 430,000.00
Hardly ever available, an condo for sale right by the port on Hydra…

Hydra Jazz Bar 1 bedroom
€ 1,250,000.00

A property of 202m2, very close to the sea on a plot of 513m2.
Kala Pigadia Constructing Plot

A superb sized constructing plot in the Kala Pigadia area of Hydra.
Kamini Constructing Land

€ 350,000.00
Building Land in Kamini with Sea Views and Planning Permission

Giant Sea View Building Land
€ 380,000.00

A lovely piece of land, walled on all sides, and with incredible sea views.
Panoramic Paradise 2 bedrooms

€ Sold
Excessive up above Hydra City, however with breathtaking views!

Sienna House 2 bedrooms
€ 520,000.00

The Sienna House is situated fairly close to the port on the gorgeous island of Hydra
Hydra City Grand Mansion 5 bedrooms

A big original Hydriot home near the port in lovely condition.
Villa Selana 2 bedrooms

€ 1,one hundred,000.00
Lovely home with pool, close to the port, great views

Conventional House Renovation Challenge 4 bedrooms
€ 230,000.00

A conventional house in want of renovation, no steps to contemplate.
Giant House in the Port 5 bedrooms

€ Please Ask
A big property right on the harbour front made up of 9 rooms. Huge potential.

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