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Marvel Movieverse: Thanos = Purple Skull

Men's Cotton deadpool costume Short Sleeve T-ShirtAs a result of Crimson Skull has nothing to do with Thanos and they have very totally different objectives, objectives, abilities, view factors, experiences, and so on. They’d want to build a again story for Thanos even if Pink Skull turned Thanos to explain who Thanos is. How could the Purple Skull just “Turn into” Thanos, a being that is 1000’s of years outdated and feared throughout the universe You are mainly crapping on your complete characters of Thanos and the Pink Skull, which might make lots of comic guide fans indignant all for the sake of introducing a clumsy, dangerous, complicated storyline.

And why do you suppose it’s a nasty thing that they’d should introduce a new villain anyway When the hell was Thanos EVER anyone however Thanos in the comics

lol @ “awkward, bad, confusing storyline” Solution to be extraordinarily presumptive.
And information gargoyles t shirt flash: details change in adaptations. It occurs on a regular basis. It would not “crap” on the characters as you so claim. They’ve gone as much as they’ll with the Purple Skull character for the film and Thanos’ actual backstory is just too detailed to create. Crimson Skull being “remodeled” by some cosmic event or no matter temporary rationalization anybody can come up is simple enough.

And I’m not saying or arguing that this in fact is or would be the case. I am simply throwing a suggestion on the gargoyles t shirt market and no offense, your “arguments” (if you may call primary insults that) as to why it’s just completely senseless.

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